Major NCAA changes coming?

Imagine a college sports world where schools are able to offer each baseball player a full scholarship. Or if a football team’s on-field coaching staff could exceed 25 people.

What if the transfer portal was open to players for just three months out of the year? And what if the recruiting calendar featured no evaluation or quiet periods?

There is a distinct possibility these ideas could become more than just concepts

The committee’s ideas on deregulation were met with opposition from a wide swath of administrators. The moves to abolish restrictions on equivalency scholarships and coaching positions threaten to further widen the gap between the rich programs and those with lesser resources, some believe.

“Every G5 AD is like, ‘Holy s—!’” says one Group of 5 athletic director who attended the presentation.

“The gap is going to continue to widen,” says a G5 associate athletic director. “What does this look like a year from now? We had a facilities arms race, recruiting arms race and now NIL is its own arms race. It’s nuts.”

Surprised this didn’t elicit a more immediate reaction.

This is the type of gloom and doom stuff I’ve been predicting for a while. There is no way for the G5 to keep up if these changes are implemented.

I think it’s just paving the way for the P5 breakaway.

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Yeah I think a split is bound to happen. Hopefully some of the lower half of the P5 get left behind and are forced to join those of us left behind in division 2 or whatever it will be. Maybe we all just end up being back in the FCS. The last year or 2 have created an unscalable wall between the haves and the have nots.

clt is only watching us and AAC moving forward.