Marquette recruiting

JSOnline: Top-50 tandem pick MU

Of course, with Marquette off to the Big East after this coming season, guess the only way we’ll see these guys would be tourney time. I certainly don’t expect to find the Niners on the MU schedule once both team leave C-USA behind…

Thats ok…there are better teams than Marquette that we can play…and any team leaving CUSA that refuses to play us are pussys…there is not one school in CUSA that doesn’t worry when we come into our house…well except St.Louis …and our bad carma there won’t last forever. Likewise…there is no school in CUSA that doesn’t bennefit there rpi by playing us.
I suppose playing in the Big East they will have a good schedule strength, however if they are going to be competitive in the BE then they are going to have to play some decent schools outside the BE.

Maybe we can give Marquette a 2 for 1.

Seriously, I would be very surprised if any of the departing team schedule us in the next five years.

NUN, I agree with you on scheduling any of our C-USA mates who are headed for the Big East.

BTW, I missed another recruit for Marquette. Looks like the Ohio State rumors didn’t scare anyone away over the past week…

JSOnline: Beloit sophomore commits to MU]

Let’s see, the Bob Huggins can’t even talk to recruits and Cincy gets a commitment. Tom Crean is rumored to be a frontrunner for Ohio State and Marquette picks up 3 verbals! And the Niners? Hmmm…