Marshall Away Game 1-16-20 7:00 Tip

Winners and Whiners pick Niners to win.


I doubt any of us would describe us that way. Out-grinding our opponents never lends itself to the feeling “red-hot”. We’ll know we’ve arrived when we can grind an opponent down with defense AND be red-hot on offense.


This road win would be HUGE to get us in serious contention for winning the conference. One spread I saw has us as 5 1/2 underdogs.

I’ve seen 5 1/2 and 6. Marshall is 5-4 at home this season so they are quite beatable in Huntington. Of course, we haven’t exactly been successful on the road thus far, though I think that changes tonight.

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These announcers are putting me to sleep

Oh! Poovdog

clt hopes marshal can eventually paint the entire wv state shape on the floor

Someone tell Kinsey (a) the game is not on “real espn” so no flexing necessary and (b) flexing after every score is really also not necessary.

My stream is a bit poor quality but it looks like every time Kinsey flexes his shorts get shorter

Quote of the day… “Charlotte’s for real…”

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clt says marshal is trying to cheat with the late horn

I’m gonna pour a glass of fine bourbon and savor a “road win.”

Shepherd free throws :hot_face:

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We held at least a 5 point lead for the last 26:41 min of the game. Solid win on the road. Always had an answer for their small runs. Looks like they counted that last 3 prayer.

Need to clean up the dumb ass turnovers.

Shepherd had a bad 1st half. He needs to take care of the ball better.

10-5 (4-0)

Short of the last five minutes, that’s the best I’ve seen us play since the Dorn, Clayton, Thorn year. 15-16 maybe?

Another losing streak broken :+1: