Martelli can't reach Withers?!

Saw this from Andy Katz on the Saint Joe’s board:

[b][i]Martelli happy that Redick's happy[/i]

J.J. Redick’s comments to Phil Martelli were humble and direct – the best sign yet that USA Basketball has a real shot at putting together a team next week in Dallas.

Martelli, the head coach at Saint Joseph’s and for the U.S. U-21 team heading to the World Championships in Argentina next month, took Kelvin Sampson’s advice and called the players trying out for the team ahead of camp. Sampson did that a year ago before he coached the U.S. to the gold medal in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Martelli said Redick told him he just wanted to make the team and that he wasn’t concerned about leading the team in scoring, but just wants to be a leader.

“It was really refreshing,” Martelli said. “All of my conversations were really good.”

The only two players Martelli couldn’t reach were Charlotte’s Curtis Withers and Memphis’ Rodney Carney. The only player that is trying out for the team that Martelli knows personally is Connecticut’s Josh Boone, since Martelli recruited him.

USA Basketball said from the beginning of this process that they weren’t going to beg players to show up. They wanted players who were looking forward to participate, rather than having to be begged to play.

Martelli wants input from each player’s coach, too. USA Basketball invited the coach of each player in the tryouts. He didn’t know how many would attend next week, but the offer is on the table for these coaches to watch their own player.[/b]

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He will be playing at 8:30 at West Meck tonight,…Have him call there.