Maryland Coach mentions Moxley

[b]Diamondback : You have some new assistants in Michael Adams and Rob Moxley. Is it difficult to change assistants as much as you have in the past few years?

Williams: It’s a great thing to get your assistants head coaching jobs. I was an assistant for 10 years and I know how hard it is to become a head coach. Dave Dickerson, getting the Tulane job, and Mike Lonergan going up to Vermont, that’s great for them. In the spring, there was a lot of interviewing on the phone and going to see assistants. As a head coach, you always have a hot list in case you lose an assistant coach.

Rob Moxley was ranked in the top five as one of the best recruiting young coaches. He’s a local guy, grew up in Baltimore, so he knew the people you have to know nowadays in recruiting, so I went after him. Michael Adams played for me at Boston College and had a great NBA career and was an NBA assistant. I’m very comfortable with both of those guys. … I always want to hire coaches who can put their attitude into players. [/b]