McCrory on the university, name change and funding


Guys just remember, it’s an election year, before you get too excited about what he says. Yes, I’m a bit cynical.

There is a lot you can do to help McCrory become governor. Spread the word, get your parents to vote. Do whatever you can! There will be lots of people out voting this fall, and make sure when they’re voting for President that they know to vote for McCrory, too!

McCrory all the way.

[I]As for UNC Charlotte, the mayor also would like to see the school change its’ name.[/I]

[I]“I’m a strong advocate for changing the name to The University of Charlotte,” McCrory said, “[I] always have been. I think the athletic department is far ahead of the rest of the school in understanding of the term Charlotte,” he said, “very similar to the University of Louisville, the University of Houston, the University of Cincinnati and I think that would be good for the branding of its great academics.”[/I][/I]
[I][I]McCrory said that he understood Chancellor Dubois’ objections to changing the name and respected them, but he would still strongly recommend that.[/I][/I]

[I]On the question of football, however, he’s a little hesitant, as he said that he doesn’t have enough information. McCrory said that he hasn’t had a chance to read through the study yet or look at the math, so he’d rather not give an opinion before he sees that[/I]

clt says let mccrory work on the funding and name change, we’ll handle football.

Dos things.

#1 - how good would it look if a previous governor of the state was teaching polysci at our university. I know that statement is way ahead of a lot of things, but still, its a nice thought
#2 - What are the questionable things he supports? I’m hearing a lot of good - and wondering whats bad - theres always bad.

I’ve always thought he’d make a better governor than mayor.

When you have that much vocal and visible support the chancellor has to look more closely into this no?