Medal of Honor for Maj. Winters

I don’t know how many on here have ever watched HBO’s Band of Brothers, but if you haven’t shame on you! You need to go out and rent or buy it today. For those who have seen the true story then Major Winters is a familiar name. He lead Easy Company through the D-Day campaign. There is an effort to get this amazing man the MoH before its too late and I believe he deserves it. If you agree then please sign the petition. I didn’t just sign it for him (though he more then deserves it) but for all the veterans of our greatest generation who we owe so much to, including Private 1st Class Linwood Huffstetler (my late grandfather and hero). We are losing more and more of these greatest Americans and if you know a vet of any war, but especially a WWII vet thank him (or her) personally and by helping Maj. Winters get his MoH.

Thats a great series.