Media access


This story is a few days old but I find it to be quite fascinating. As we know, most college athletic programs don’t allow media much access to players and coaches aside from a weekly press conference where they choose who speaks.

Herm Edwards at Arizona State is bucking that trend as he allows players and coaches to speak. His reasoning is pretty spot on:

"“You have to develop their skills, not only on the field but off the field,” he said. “First game of the season, whoever the starting quarterback is, he’s going to have to step out there and do it.

“Coaches? They can talk. I tell them: ‘Just make sure before you open your mouth you’ve researched what you’re about to say. Don’t just say stuff. And if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything.’”

We’re in a highly competitive market out here and while it’s easier than ever to get exposure through social media, you still need to be visible to traditional media. I like Edwards’ reasoning, especially from getting kids comfortable speaking to media.

I get why a number of programs limit access in today’s landscape, but I think there are some things our program could take from Edwards’ approach.



While talking to the media is whole different monster, Coach Healy has said on multiple occasions he expects the football players to represent the program when in a public capacity or forum and to be able to talk about what they are building to anyone who asks.



I was thinking that this seems like the same concept that Will is going for. Especially with the open practices and team meetings. We definitely will be way more accessible to whoever wants in going forward!



I don’t know, our politicians cannot be trusted to talk to media without sticking their foots in their mouths, will our 19 year olds be okay? On second thought, our athletes may be smarter than our elected officials.