Memphis Football Player Killed

One of Memphis’ defensive linemen was shot and killed last night. It appears that robbery was the motive. I found this blurb in a thread at the Memphis forum:

He was a football player and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. According to several people I have talked to, he and a few of his fraternity brothers had been visiting the various sorority condos in Carpenter Complex to tell the sororities about Kappa Alpha Psi’s upcoming philanthropy event, and had just left the last sorority meeting when he was robbed and shot. He apparently got in his car after being shot and was driving down Zach Curlin to the Police station located in the parking garage by the Field House to get help when he swerved off the road and hit a tree.

[URL=][B][U][COLOR=Blue]Yahoo News: U. of Memphis football player is killed[/COLOR][/U][/B] [/URL]

Thoughts and prayers to his family and to the Memphis community.

Trajedy just down the road from Memphis in Oxford, Mississippi as well… Rebels remember slain track standout