Memphis.....The Future Of Conference USA

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What a miserable team. Haven’t checked their board yet, but I would imagine there are some very sad Tiger fans. That’s a shame.

I watched the second half of their game tonight vs. Providence. They are atrocious on offense. They run the floor well, but then can never decide what to do once they get near the basket. Providence, however, looked very good. I would not want to play them. They made Memphis look silly on defense multiple times.

I hate it for them. I hate it like snow on Christmas.

Another nationally televised loss for the Tigers. At least they get to have the nice ESPN presentation graphics when they look back at the tape.

I would love to see them continue this struggle all year, but I have a feeling they will be back. They will get Hunt back and be a much better team when they do. Also Washington HAS to get better. We will most likely be playing the team everyone expected by the time they roll into Halton in late February

I hope ESPN learns a lesson from this. Putting so many eggs in one basket on the rep of a coach who caught lightning in a bottle seven years ago is ridiculous. Only 8 more televised humiliations to go.

The icing on the cake was watching their sorry football team get killed in a bowl game… on ESPN. Oh how life must absolutely suck when you are a Memphis fan.

[i]Originally posted by NinerUpNorth[/i]@Dec 24 2004, 02:08 PM [b] Oh how life must absolutely suck when you are a Memphis fan. [/b]
:rofl: An absolutely classic statement.