Men’s Basketball Positive Notes Thread

Men’s Basketball Positive Notes Thread

And go…

Jahmir Young


Season ends soon.


Young was 4-11 with several TOs yesterday so he is not being a standout right now either. I think he is hurting his stock if he wants to transfer with the past few weeks

Brice Williams development has been nice to see. Jahmir becoming an even better Jahmir.

That’s all I got.


We will not need to spend additional $$ for travel to the NCAA tourney. Maybe we can use that money to extend Ron’s contract again.

I was a student during the Wissel era. I knew a couple players and knew when they lost/ given up on his system. Any one know what any of our players may be thinking?

Thought this was supposed to be a positive thread. :roll_eyes:

I got nothing!

Season is almost over.

clt says we learned how to say :athletic_shoe::pizza:

Volleyball & tennis are looking good. I don’t even know if that’s true but that’s all I got.

44th anniversary of our Final Four run!

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I just saved 15% on car insurance by switching to Geico.


clt says the weather is very nice today

Winner of the Infinity race is a Niner !

Yeah, and so is his dad…unfortunately his dad is a douche, outspoken Tar Heel fan…the worst kind…a Charlotte grad/Hole fan.

If you want to pull for a Niner, pull for Anthony Alfredo,a rookie in the Cup Series, who is/was Charlotte Engineering major. My son had several classes with him and says he is a super nice kid. Also, Stephan Parsons in xfinity is a Charlotte student.