Miami Post-Game Thread 11/25

Game sounded incredible on tv.

There are 351 D1 basketball programs. We probably would have beaten 349 of them tonight. That is as good as we can possibly play and we still lost. Miami could not miss. Fuck.

[quote=“SteauA, post:1, topic:29182”]Game sounded incredible on tv.

There are 351 D1 basketball programs. We probably would have beaten 349 of them tonight. That is as good as we can possibly play and we still lost. Miami could not miss. f***.[/quote]

clt agrees. Great effort, and we are looking good. The heat would have beat any team tonite.

clt says no more henry 3’s

I agree… no more Henry 3’s. Especially with 18 seconds left in the game to tie. He should have looked for Braxton or even one of the freshman. But more importantly, did it really take the whole game up to 4 minutes left to switch something up on defense??? Thorne and Clayton shouldnt be guarding a shooter at the 3 point line by themselves. Bad coaching move.

Great effort. Thorn with another good game. Clayton had some good moments. Unbelievable shooting by Miami or we would have won.

They were 14-23 from 3. Won by 3. Guarantee they won’t shoot at a clip like that the rest of the season.

If we can get rowdy crowds like that for every game, we will win a lot.

We played with lot of heart… Really like our team, wow.

No beating that team tonight, they made 14 3’s contested, over 60% from 3 on the road! Really just to bad… You just knew they were going to start missing, it was just to late.

Miami has a great general manager, all new players except 1, and they are playing like that.

I am not bummed about this loss. We did a lot of good things tonight and showed what we have to look forward to this year. They aren’t going to face many teams like Miami this year. If they can play this well the rest of the year we can win CUSA. I enjoyed the game thoroughly and I was really impressed with the crowd. I love our freshmen!

And Big Mike has come to play this year. CUSA better watch out.

It is absolutely imperative that we beat Asheville and Davidson to keep this good feeling going.

We win this game if we decided to stop switching every ball screen before the last 4 minutes, coincidentally when all of our stops came. But with Alan Major that is asking too much.

we win this game if henry didn’t attempt any threes… or if the low block could shoot free throws

The switch on the ball screen had little to do with it, as that was mismatching the ballhandler on thorne at the top of the arc and most of their 3s where coming from other spots. They were just hitting tough shots deep in the shot clock.

What a great game just to come up so short. Hard to criticize because overall, not sure the team could have played any better, but… Defenders have to get hands up on 3s and Henry like everyone has said should not be looking for his shot. His offense should be driving only! Henry had a great game beside shooting though.

Dorn and Thorne with great games. I think Woods was 2-3 from 3? Wish he and Dorn could have taken some more.

Braxton took a backseat on offense for some reason until the end of the game. We need him in both halves to score.

8 turnovers? And a loss? Who would have guessed that

Great game, great atmosphere.

we win this game if henry didn’t attempt any threes… or if the low block could shoot free throws[/quote]

Henry so far this year = Butter Johnson

Really tough loss, but if we played like that every remaining game, we probably wouldn’t lose more than a couple of games the rest of the season. Still spots to improve on, but like that we managed to keep turnovers down. PH having a rough early season and one guy still in street clothes, I think we will get even better.

Hate moral victories but this is one for me. Overcame some heartbreaking 3’s and big runs to have a chance at the end. We play like this every game and we make the final 68.

Still a lot to improve on, especially regarding PH. Our young guys should only get more comfortable which is scary. BO/Woods/Dorn are basically all playing their first college minutes and look like upperclassmen. Exciting stuff.

PH/Twill/Clayton need to step up and understand their roles for the rest of the season. All played better tonight but are still a disappointment.

Gotta give a little credit to AM. Back-2-back games vs. an excellent coach, I honestly thought we’d lose by 15 the second time based off past history. Hated the switching up top every time leaving our big man on their PG and vice versa. Switched even when they didn’t screen and it burned us many times. Don’t understand that. Finally quit switching so much the final 3-4 minutes and it worked a lot better.

All in all this looks to be a promising season. Would be nice to light it up after December for once.

Best crowd I’ve seen in Halton in years. Students behind the baskets is a great move. I think we had more students in Halton tonight than any game at the Rich :slight_smile:

Dorn was incredible tonight and Big Mike is going to be playing pro ball somewhere.

GREAT GAME!!! GREAT CROWD!!! It reminded me of Halton of old. I was happily surprised at our student turnout tonight. NWA stated this may have been the largest crowd since the Temple game when Bobby was still coaching. I think he may be correct. I now wonder how many students will show up a football game when the game starts later and the opponents are better.

Thorne is going to be tough for the opposing teams to stop this year. The only true negative was Henry’s determination to take those 3s. Also, I thought Major/Odom should have called a timeout with about 20 seconds to go before Henry took and missed that particular 3. I think Henry is used to having to carry the team and is now trying too hard.

It took a while but both ends seemed to finally get in sync with the FORTY NINER chant. Right before the game started, one end was doing the FORTY NINER chant and the other end was doing the “I believe that we will win” chant.

despite the loss, think the atmosphere tonight will bring people back.

We went toe to toe with a ranked ACC team that seemingly had a rim the size of the ocean and lost by 3. I heard a group of people behind me talking about how they never would have come out if one of the guys in the group hadn’t invited them and how much fun they had.

The seating change in Halton is excellent. The students behind the baskets is great.

I will say that McClellan is an incredible athlete (career high tonight in points) but I am glad we pulled it back within reach and he missed a couple shots after yelling at our section that it was “time to go home” while they were up by 13.

Dorn, Woods, and Thorne were a pleasure to watch tonight and give a great feeling for what the future holds. I think the coaches have a real challenge going forward deciding what to do with PH’s and Twill’s minutes to keep this team pushing in the right direction.

Right now we can look at the record and say we unfortunately ran into the train that is Miami twice in 3 days and that is what accounts for our two losses. We shouldn’t be concerned about another L until December 20th the way I see it.

I hope this game gives us a chance/hope at turning a corner against good/decent teams. After Miami made their 2nd run to push the game back to an 11 pt lead, I seriously thought we’d withered away. Surprisingly, we didn’t.

I like Big Mike’s energy. There are a couple times when he was asking Coach (when subbed), “Why are you taking me out?” Gotta love that!

Dorn and Woods are the/our future. If they progress, I don’t see why they don’t see the starting rotation later this season. TW should not be starting and if PH doesn’t get his groove back and settle in, we should move him until other wise.

They killed us on 3s but our offense is so lethargic at times, we don’t work our opponent on the defense end nearly enough. We need to run them around and/or get them to fight through screens.

There’s no reason for us not to win the next 5 games heading into the game against Georgetown.