Michael Beasley and ??? in Charlotte now!

I had to make this available for you guys, because it shocked me to hear. This should make your holiday weekend that much better:

Michael Beasley and ??? in Charlotte


thats frekin AWESOME

Oh my… that just made my weekend.

Yowza!! Unbelievable!! I’m really believing this could happen now. Amazing!! “Place additional superlative here”!!!

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great news, what is the main louisville message board?


not only that, Nolan was supposed to be visiting the Cards at the UL / pUKe football game. So not only did he visit with Beasley he was supposed to be visiting Louisville. What a coup that would be for the Niners. I’ll go on record as would most old Louisville fans that losing Nolan would be heartbreaking given what his Dad did for the school. I met his Dad numerous times and you would never believe he was a shy nearly stuttering 16 year old from Georgia that moved to Louisville. He was just a super human being.

Boys, this one is coming down to the wire.

Can you say, “One of the greatest recruiting classes ever?”

I knew you could.

100% hypothetical and for discussion only**

does anyone else think that if we got a verbal that one or two more would come within 2 weeks

That Beasley is one heck of a recruiter. Get him on the payroll.


[i]Originally posted by MeinShaft[/i]@Sep 5 2005, 09:05 AM [b] Can you say, "One of the greatest recruiting classes ever?"

I knew you could. [/b]

I call bullshit. Landing Iti was the biggest recruiting class ever for us.


This is awesome news. Landing both would help to ensure A-10 domination for a couple of years at least.

[b] great news, what is the main louisville message board?[/b]

There is already a thread started over there regarding the article.

Sounds very promising… thanks for the article JJ. B) :toast:

From their board:

[b]The best for him is Louisville he is already loved by all of UL family and several ex-players have supported him. Why not come here we are the greated family of college basketball and we just had a final season . 49ers don't hold a candle to us ... They have that little rat looking coach still I think ...........Louisville the best for him ..............[/b]

English, motherf—er! DO YOU SPEAK IT?

WOW… WOW… JJ you’re the man!

MY Bar-B-Q ribs are tasting better after reading this.

Did anyone catch the part where Mike was scoring when he wanted to on Curtis? And Nolan was making it look easy?

:smiley: I’m all smiles today! :lol:

after reading their board some are as ignorant as a chapel hill fan about the fact that smith kinda dissed them by not visiting. while others seem to want whats best for nolan.

Great to see the attention from prospects. However, I’ll curb my enthusiasm until they’ve signed that LOI.

Charlotte has been so close on other good ones, maybe the law of averages is swinging our way!

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Sep 5 2005, 01:36 PM [b] maybe the law of averages is swinging our way! [/b]
Hope you're right. As far as I'm concerned, if the law of averages ever balance out....we may never lose again...............or at least until we challenge UCLA's winning streak.

http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=17&p=9&cfg=bb&c=1&yr=2006 link on this site to an article from scout.com anyone got an account with them?

It just says that they were here basically.

Here it is: Two standout members of the Oak Hill men’s basketball team made a stop on Sunday on the way to enrolling at the Mouth of Wilson, Va., powerhouse. Michael Beasley (Scout.com No. 2) and Nolan Smith (No. 16) both made unofficial visits to Charlotte on Sunday, according to a source.

Beasley, already committed to Charlotte, is working on getting his Smith, his good friend, to join him. Smith did not make an unofficial visit to Louisville as he was expected last weekend.