Mike Davis & Indiana Claiming a "W"?

From cnnsi.com

“The Hoosiers are currently 89th in RPI. With remaining home games against Purdue, Michigan State and Northwestern and road trips to Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin, the goal is to shoot for 10-6 in the conference. Since going to a 16-game schedule in 1998, no eligible Big Ten team with that mark has ever missed the tourney. Mike Davis is also lobbying the selection committee to count IU’s 74-73 loss to Charlotte on Dec. 22 – in which a timekeeper error allowed the 49ers’ Brendan Plavich to launch a game-winning 45-foot shot – as a victory. That’d be big, considering Charlotte is a potential top-25 team.”

This is ridiculous. I suppose we deserve an “L” to offset their win then, huh? Mike Davis, just accept the fact that our W may get you fired. If the committee accepts this, then I guess we should get a win vs. Rutgers and Bama as some of the free throws that we missed were halfway down before they popped out.


Hopefully…the #24 team in the country by the end of the day

I used to like Mike Davis, but he is acting like a little bitch!!! Take your loss like a man. We should have beaten you by 10+.

He should be fired for being pathetic.


It’s a timekeeper’s error that resulted in only 0.7 seconds being on the clock to begin with, but they don’t like to talk about those kinds of things.

They played over their heads to keep it close. Charlotte wins that game 8 out of 10 times.

Ewing’s tip went through at 1.3. Their timekeeper bled 0.6. Crybabies.

What a baby. I have never heard of such a thing. Take your “L” and move on!

Mike Davis is a real good coach (i.e. the National Championship he won) but he is whining a bit but I don’t see him getting fired. Well for at least another year. He should let that game go because they are starting to play a tad bit better.

Hunt down the cheerleader that pushed MITCH!

[i]Originally posted by styleswill[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 01:22 PM [b] Mike Davis is a real good coach (i.e. the National Championship he won) [/b]
I'm confused. :blink:
[i]Originally posted by styleswill[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 01:22 PM [b] Hunt down the cheerleader that pushed MITCH! [/b]
Huh? What happened? Was this the IU game?

Someone should send Eddie to Indiana and have him teabag Mike Davis.

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[b]QUOTE[/b] (UNCCTF @ Feb 14 2005, 02:23 PM)

Mike Davis, I like ya man…but come on…take your medicine like a big boy and move on.

Hey, what about when the Germans invaded Pearl Harbor!?

What about having two no-name ref’s from Indiana at the UC game calling the Niners for everything but smiling!?

Mike Davis, go home. As an Indiana fan I would be ashamed of this groveling tactic. He obivously has no pride left.

He’s trying to save his job.

Desperate men do desperate things.

This whole shot clock “controversy” is nothing more than a feeble spin-job by the IU folks, with the help from sportswriters like Doyel and Forde.

Just let it go, folks!

[i]Originally posted by MKNiner[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 01:33 PM [b] He's trying to save his job.

Desperate men do desperate things. [/b]

It may be too late for that. IU’s remaining conference schedule will be tough… at (29) Ohio State, at (111) Michigan, vs. (125) Purdue, vs. (7) Michigan State, at (23) Wisconsin, vs. (116) Northwestern.

I just hate how the press parrots his claim of a timekeeper’s error when they should be saying that Mike Davis alledges a timekeeper’s error.

Now it becomes the “truth”, people will believe that he was hosed, and this will end up being an intangible come Selection Sunday, resulting in us getting hosed.

Flip the script and we would be doing the same thing. Nothing wrong with a guy fighting to get his team in.

Conference USA should be intervening if this is the case.