Mike Gansey

Wow, this guy is a player. We were down to his list of finalists before he chose St Bonnies out of hs. I remember us looking at him as a Jobey replacement and Cincy fans saying he wasnt any good. Guess our recruiting staff was right, we coulda used him on Fri.

we could use the simple strategy of penetrating in, then kicking out for a 3.

Wake Forest hasn’t learned how to play defense all season either. However, William’s block on the back door was fantastic.

Gansey was freakin clutch in the OTs… scored something like 17 points in the OTs. Downey, for Wake, has got to be one of the best clutch 3pt shooters in the nation. He single handedly kept them in the game there at the end of regulation and the end of the first OT.

Some impressive bball on both sides. WoW! :blink: :eek:

I am stunned Wake lost but I never said that WVU was going to be an easy game. Wake was a team with high expectations all year. I have several friends that went there that sincerely believed this was the best chance they had for a final 4 since the 1960’s, including myself.

Williams didn’t touch the ball the entire overtime… thats why Wake lost. Talk about bad coaching, actually looked kinda familiar, not getting the ball to a dominent big man… :unsure:

Very true. Interesting enough the Wake fans are having a similar discussion of why Wake can’t get it done in the NCAA’s and pointing to poor defensive coaching. They are calling for Skip hire a defensive assistant coach.

I picked this upset after watching WVUs last few games of the season. They are red hot. Hopefully, they aren’t burned out and exhausted after that 2 OT game or Bobby Knight will tear them a new one.

Gansey emerged as a clutch player last night. That was an awesome performance that had me groaning and cheering with every drive he made to the hoop. Cheering for the assertive play and groaning because we NEVER do it.

I heard the WVU coach say the other day in an interview that when Gansey was transfering from St. Boni’s, it was a recruiting battle to get him and he said that he went after him like he was recruiting Lebron James, that was how important he was.

Lutz recoqnized that talent in HS.

Prosser got exposed much like Lutz did. I blame their loss squarely on his feet. Why did they not zone up when they were getting backdoored all day long and why are you not getting the ball to Williams when he was scoring at will???