Mike Hill and the Future

Hiring is not a science it is an art. You do all the due diligence you can and then see what happens. I have hired great people that turned out bad. It happens. I can’t fault Mike for making a hire that nearly all smart AD would have made.

If he makes a smart hire that turns out bad - that happens. The question is more about what happens when it is clearly bad. And yes that is how the real world works.

I put the Will hire more on him than Ron. Will was a much higher risk. Honestly so is Biff. Both out of the box hires.

I don’t fault the hiring of Sanchez but not moving on after 5 years of mediocre play without a single conference tournament win, well like has been said that’s not Gold Standard. I hope I come back here next ear and eat crow but I’ve not seen anything from him that makes me think we’ll be above .500 in the AAC.

Healy was a bad hire, we got one good year out of him but it was a high risk/high reward hire that didn’t work out. You can certainly argue that Lambert left the program in a better place than Healy.

His hires in other sports (Woodard and Chastain in particular) have been good so it’s a mixed bag. He really for all our sakes needs to have knocked it out of the park with Poggi.

I have no insider information but it “seems” like things are going well with Evergreen but if there’s not at least a partial expansion by the ECU game and for sure by the Tar Heel game I’ll view that as a failure for us.

I do credit him with the AAC spot, that is a big deal.

If forced to evaluate now I still like Hill and think we’re moving in the right direction but it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. We need to be near perfect with hires and fundraising/facilities from here on out though, things are moving so fast in the collegiate landscape we’ve got to start fulfilling the P word immediately to position ourselves.

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FWIW, technically the only first year coaches on the Athletic G5 top 15 list are Herman and Rodriguez but, of course, not the first time as a collegiate head coach for either one.

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He has grown the 49er club - so he is doing something there that works. They have also overhauled the foundation staff - I am not sure if I would say I think that is working. The guy they just hired for fundraising (not hired by AD) has already left.

I would say the staff has been way more supportive than Judy’s was. Of course I am in a different place where we are trying to get them to do things. They have been way more receptive to ideas and suggestions. I mean just last weekend we had great representation from the AD at SP parade where Judy refused to participate. Fund raising ideas are being considered where in the past we were met with a no.

Engagement is hard when you dont win though - and that is our biggest challenge. You need money to win (and correct mistakes), but winning requires money.

Curious if Jerry left us anything, and if so how long it’ll take to receive.

$50 million more and renaming the stadium to Jerry Richardson Memorial Stadium would work alright for me. The people that hate Jerry can just call it memorial stadium.

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Same. Huge estate so I assume it could take a while. I would hope we are in there though especially since we kept his name on the stadium.

50 would be nice, but thats chump change given size. He could dump a transformational amount. I am sure Wofford is in there too though.


He bought what he wanted, which was a legacy separate from the Panthers. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we get something else, but I won’t be shocked at all if no additional funding makes it our way. The original deal didn’t reference a potential future endowment from his estate. Fingers crossed we get some money, but I won’t be holding my breath.

I have hired people who worked out well and some that didn’t. When I think about one that didn’t, I think I F’d that hire up. F.

Mike has an F with Sanchez and an F with Healy.

Same thing goes for Brice staying tbh. Banking on Brice being here regardless of Ron or no Ron is a mistake as well.

Don’t disagree with Brice, I know Dink played a big role in it and of course playing where his dad did. I think we would stand a decent shot at keeping him based on family connection.

Jerry was very very appreciative of us keeping his name on the stadium when students wanted it removed. He communicated that. Loyalty was a big thing with him. I’ll be surprised if we don’t get something but who knows how much.


Speaking of dink, that guy looked utterly miserable on the sideline all season. Maybe that’s just his face, but he didn’t seem to be having a good time.

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Totally agree

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The only hope Brice has to get to the nba is to leave Sanchez’s system and see what happens. I haven’t figured it out yet who’s to blame for Williams not avg 20+ PPG. Just going off of who gets the last shot, I’m guessing it’s Sanchez’s fault.

Yeah, this is why I mentioned it. Honestly I’d bet he’s more likely to leave with Ron than without. It’s obvious in the right system he is getting 20+ a game. At some point he may make a decision for his future instead of his Dad’s legacy.

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Pro scouts know what’s up. They aren’t going to judge him because of his scoring average. Dean Smith did a good job of holding Michael Jordon’s scoring down and that didn’t seem to hurt Mike’s pro career. [No, I’m not equating Ron with Dean :grin:]

It’s just his face. His expression rarely changes.

Football was 3-9 in a mediocre conference

Basketball was 9-11 in a mediocre conference.

Baseball is still undetermined, but is 6-11 and struggling

I don’t know about Mike Hill and the future, but Mike Hill and the present sucks


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If we win the CBI will Mike Hill extend Sanchez?

  • Yes
  • No
  • :face_vomiting:

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