Mike Hill and the Future

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…and you are doing a damned fine job .

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^This. And, I might add, quite frankly, at this juncture Biff also seems like a gimmick.

College athletics has always been a charity. It’s about giving kids an avenue to a degree while they play a sport. That was always my perspective and why I’ve never gone after a player. They played for the school and the love of the sport and I watched because I loved the school and players representing us. For just sporting entertainment there are much better options out there.

The last couple years that’s all changed though. Not as much at our level but it’s still changed. They are closer to pros now - so where I used to give grace im less inclined to do so now.

I cannot call college football any type of charity. Those guys go through such pain and suffering to do what they need to do to not only get an education scholarship, but also to keep it. Point taken, but charity is not the best word there

We donate money to college athletics so they can get an education. That’s the base of it all.

I buy a tickets, donate to the 49er Club, pay for parking, and buy merchandise all for the possible chance I might get a thrill from victory. Many of the major sports athletes at Charlotte and elsewhere don’t even graduate (this isn’t a new phenomenon). Good majority of the major sports athletes that do graduate hold degrees that are practically useless. College sports are a marketing tool to elevate the university and provide entertainment for the fans. I don’t look at college sports as this giant altruistic organization.

That applies to football and men’s basketball and maybe a few baseball guys. The majority of college athletes and our students play in front of no one, go to class and will get regular jobs.

I understand y’all’s perspective for sure, but part of what has kept me invested is not making it all about Ws - it’s about the students and relationships I’ve built. I absolutely want to win, just trying to balance it so I don’t go mad.


If it wasn’t for seeing good friends and having a good time I’d bag it all.

Screw kids using my money to get an education. Both my kids graduated Summa Cum Laude from NC St and Clemson respectively with double majors. We didn’t a damn dime in schollie money. I suppose I’m on my soapbox now but I don’t give a damn about giving a guy that can throw a football money for school when kids from middle class families have to tote the note for 100+ grand.

To sum it up, we’ve all got some fucked up priorities, myself included I suppose…


I do think there have been times when Biff should have said less, like saying we’ll have a top 15 defense. But I didn’t interpret his interaction with App coach as talking crap. The App coach first criticized us. I saw it as Biff defending us and trying to take control of the city of Charlotte. It’s something we’ve needed a coach to do for a long time and I loved it.


Agreed----just because App has won (literally) a couple of so called “big games” over the last 20 years, they are “un-touchable”? Screw App.

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They certainly aren’t untouchable but along with winning some of their P5 games they have also nearly won a few others and have been absolutely solid in their transition to FBS with conference and bowl wins. I hate them and their fans, but the reality is they have built the best and most consistent program in the state. If we had their level of success the last 10 years our stadium would be sold out immediately.

With that said I think n they have peaked. But it’s up to some other in state program to dethrone them.


If we got our act togetger, we would leave them in the dust almost immediately. We outfundraise them despite their success and our…lets call it lack of success.

They win games and expand their football stadium. We have no room to talk.

I never said we did. I said if we start winning…

I’m beginning to think Poggi is indeed the best guy for our program. Big talk with nothing to show for it reminds me of some of our fan base

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That might make sense but for the fact that UNC, NC State, ECU, Wake, Duke all out fundraise App and have for years, yet the on field performance has been no where near as consistent as App’s.

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We love the optimism and confidence, but Biff set the bar really high.
Not looking like we are going to get anywhere close at this point.
Hopefully things turn around, but if not he loses credibility in my eyes.
Got to prove it at this level.

Im simply sayibg that if we get our act together, app wont be relevant to us

Nope. What I am starting to think is one or a group of these old OG Niners made a deal with the Devil to get the Niners to win the NCAA tournament. Obviously, they didn’t read the contract fine print and the Niners only got to the final 4. And we must now be cursed until somebody or a group of Alum get their final UNheavenly reward. That’s somewhat a speculation

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