Mike Hill and the Future

Kids get cut from high school sports tryouts regularly. This is D1 college sports if you can’t contribute to success then search for other endeavors. Life is a journey.

True but they are not going to lose the ability to keep going to that high school to get an education.

I would need to see the statistics on graduation rates for our football team.

If they are in line with the general student body or better then yes, I would say this is still an educational endeavor.

My questions is if this isn’t still an educational endeavor then what are we doing?

Both we as Charlotte and society as a whole.

For Charlotte, Go D3 and be done with it.

For society, spin off the programs that believe they can compete into a minor league of football and basketball.

I would love to see how long that could last without the university names on the Unis.

Hint, not very long.

Im with you on all of this. The sad fact though is if we are going to compete in sports at this level,
Specifically basketball and football and probably baseball to a lesser degree this is where we are. If we don’t care about winning we can play the game the old way. If we want to win we play the new game.

Fwiw I’m not sure I’m interested in the new way long term.

When you let kids go to 4 or 5 schools - it’s not about education

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Lots of people find ways to pay for college other than an athletic scholarship. Tuition at Charlotte especially if you are in-state isn’t insurmountably expensive. Some of the kids can possibly get scholarships playing somewhere else (FCS or D2). Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend all athletes are serious about graduating in the first place.

They can stay at the school. It just maybe won’t be a free ride anymore (at least not via a football scholarship).

A lot of the players are not here for an education but a lot are.

My goal would be to not hurt those that are.

Seems like we have higher standards for players than we do for the adults running this shit show


I think the world of college sports have spoken. Education isn’t a priority but paying players is. The general public and fans appear to be fine with this or encouraging it.

Once the portal and the no sit transfer rules went into effect it ripped away whatever was left of college football or basketball being about anything more than money and performing on the field or court.

It is now defacto prosports. What sucks for us is I don’t think we can play that game and I don’t really want to.

I said it before we had a system that worked but because 15/20 or so schools we operating at such a higher level we have wrecked the system for all of us. The impact to kids just wanting an education or in sports that no one cares about i think is going to be sad to watch.


We are not competing for championships. Does Mike Hill have a contract? When does it expire?

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The facts are what the facts are - like it or not. There is no way to sugar coat the fact that current day college athletics is that (in general for the $$ sports) is that the players don’t give 2 $hits about their university, team or fans. They only care about themselves and their future (no matter what university that may be). And there is nothing wrong with that, but in turn, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fans thinking the same way. I no longer give 2 $hits about a single player as most of their names and faces will change every season. I don’t even learn their names and backgrounds anymore. That is what the current process has brought all parties too. I buy tickets, apparel, donate, etc. for excellence on the field and court, not to make friends with the players and their families. No disrespect to the players, family of players, and the fans that do care about the players, it’s just a fact that the new age of college sports has ruin what it was originally about. Yes, winning has never gone away, but how the new process has changed the equation for success has turned everyone into “it’s all about me and only me” on the field and in the stands.

The truth hurts and so do our records. I wish all players the success they deserve in whatever the future gives them, but I also see success as more wins than losses, fighting for conference championships, making NCAA tournaments, etc.

People wanted big time football, and this is what it looks like now. Biff is paid to win so he needs to constantly try to upgrade his roster every year. Fans complain he is not winning, but then does not like him showing kids that cannot help the door. It is hard to have it both ways.

FWIW there are scholarships that you have to keep grades at a certain level to maintain. You can make an argument that if you can’t uphold the athletic part of the equation then you aren’t fulfilling you end of the deal.

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clt says this fb season was like

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Fair point.

You said it perfectly. This is how the sausage is made, like it or not.

I’m at the point honestly where I’d be fine with ending collegiate athletics. Has nothing to do with our suck. Just think it’s a poor use of school funds in an era where students have crushing student loan debt to get an increasingly required, but less valuable degree. Forcing thousands of additional dollars to fund athletics onto their student loans at high interest rates simply isn’t the way to go.

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I’m moving that way too. I love following our programs but in this NIL era, funds that were being donated have been redirected to paying players and the end result is going to be more financial burden on the students.

When athletics was about college experiences and helping kids get an education, many of which wouldn’t have been able to that otherwise, I could see the rationale for providing school resources and money. But now that athletes are making money and education means very little it really isn’t fair to expect or force students to fund this endeavor.

I hate it’s come to this. Basketball and football should basically be dropped and become private organizations and let the rest of college athletics continue on.

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I’m leaning in that direction as well. However, our school hasn’t given us anything to cheer about. I suspect our opinions would be a little different if we had a top 20 team in hoops or football. I also suspect the messageboards for Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Louisville, etc do not have this discussion.

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Well the crazy thing is the schools at the top of this revenue model that don’t care about this because they make so much money thru TV deals. They don’t have to worry about impact to their students financially. Of course that TV money is what has landed is where we are.

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