Mike Hill - ESPN 730 interview May 15th, 0218 - on-demand link


In case you guys missed it yesterday, catch it now:



Just listened. Great interview. He gets me more and more excited about the future every time he speaks.


Someone needs to ask Hill what his plans are to position Charlotte for an SEC invite.


Love to listen to him. He is really well spoken and energized


I will settle for an AAC invite.


Let’s win first in multiple sports before we talk about a move to a conference like the SEC, a move to the AAC makes more sense in the next 5-10 years


Regardless…we absolutely NEED to change conferences. Mike Hill must have a plan on doing so…it is a necessity for us to get where a school our size in a city like Charlotte belongs. Not sure what conference he’s gunning for…but it has to be something he is planning for (unlike prior administration personnel).