MIke Hill interview on Fox 46


This aired yesterday, check it out below in case you missed it:


Really calls fans out. Says we need to show up. I agree with him.

The judy excuse is gone, time to come back.


I came to Charlotte in 2006, in just one summer Mike Hill has been on front of cameras and taking to the media more than I’d ever seen Judy do it.


Judy was good for maybe one that and one radio appearance per year.


Everyone wanted change, we finally have it. It is time for people to put their money where the mouth/keyboard is.


I will be interested in the game experience aspect of things. My guess is that some things have changed already and others will change once the football and basketball games start. I don’t anticipate the audio issues at football to be an ongoing issue for example.


Where does he do that? I seem to have missed that. Talking about social media to reach fans was not really “calling” them out.


I didn’t mean it in a negative way.

I just think it’s a clear statement that some of our keyboard warriors (myself included) need to embrace the direction the AD is moving. We got what we wanted. We talked about the declining attendance as a result of Judy. He says we need to show up again. I agree.


Saw a couple of familiar faces on the segment. NNN representing.


I think it’s more of a call to action than calling out. I’ve said it before but I don’t know how you can watch him and not be excited about the future. Our expectations are no longer managed, they are the #Goldstandard.


Love the new Goldstandard slogan /hashtag . It’s very fitting and came about kinda naturally and not some costly PR firm schlock . Like Keep Pounding for the Panthers was a natural thing as well .


clt says someone should alert the reporter about the proper hashtag


Hill is making it clear (to me) that it’s going to be a two-way street. They want to hear from us when they’re getting it wrong but at the same they he’s challenging us to show up and support the teams as they compete. I think that’s perfectly fair because he’s simultaneously stating he wants to compete for championships at the conference level which means NCAA births, which is the standard we all want.


He also defined “postseason” as NCAA.


I disagree.

I’ll come back when it’s entertaining and fun again. It’s been sad, depressing and embarrassing for far too long. Many, many years of money pissed down the drain.

I’ll come back…but not until the product is worth me coming back.

I have faith Mike can do it…but I won’t part with any more hard earned money until I see hard earned progress first.


I can understand the emotion of this line of thinking. Here is the issue - at least for me. If we expect Mike to be better then we need to give him the resources to be better. Judy kept taking our gifts and pissing them down the drain. I believe in Mike enough to give him some leeway and some of my time and money to help get it straightened out.