Mike P in the Texas News

This was brought to my attention and I must ask… What are you doing in terms of investments Mike?

Mike Persinger, an owner of the Yellow Rose, says many dancers are smart and ambitious.

“The Yellow Rose graduated seven lawyers in three years," Persinger said.

Sorry, Mike I couldn’t resist. Is your name really that common? :biggrin:

I always knew Mike would do something productive with his life.

Cool, I now have a totally different opinion of Mike.

Guess we should’ve believed you when you said cost cutting was affecting your business. Sorry we ever doubted you.

The three others I know of are this guy (yeah, I knew about him before this post), a guy in Canada who studies extraterrestrial and paranormal encounters, and a charlotte choir director.

Wow, two of those make you seem pretty boring Mike… You don’t refer to yourself in the 3rd person like clt do you?