Mississippi State player info

Well yeah, we are 1-2, blah blah blah. We have a big game coming up Wednesday. There was talk earlier about stuff to do for the Mississippi State game as far as things to chant at players, signs to make and things like that. I did a little looking and found some stuff on the team…

First, the biggest message board I found for them was here: http://mstatefans.com/vb/index.php
They seem to ignore basketball for the most part though, still football season.

Biggest problem is they have so many freshman, they haven’t been in college long enough to make any comical life mistakes such as DWI’s or getting arrested for dog theft. But anyway, here is the best stuff I could get (please keep in mind that ‘best’ is a relative term):

-Vernon Goodridge might be a starter for them(he’ll get a lot of PT either way), he’s a very good first year player. He is 21 years old coming out of high school, only has 3 years of eligibility though. He lost a year because he played in a high school game after his 21st birthday (yes, apparently that is a rule).

-The guy who would have been their only returning starter decided to transfer to Arkansas instead, his name is Gary Ervin.

-They have a set of twins Reginald and Richard Delk. Please feel free to join me in the required “your brother is better” every time either of them do anything good, bad or neutral. They are also, and I quote, “being touted as the first set of twins in to play for State in modern history.” If the author of that quote were in attendance we would be required to mock him for bringing the word “tout” to a new all-time low.

-They have a sophomore Walter Sharpe who is ineligible for the semester due to academics.

I know, I know, most of this stuff is about as quality as the stuff on those sheets they pass out before some games, the ones that leave us all wondering why/how would we use this to mock the players, but that is all I have found.


Starting Lineup(for exhibition at least);
PG-Richard Delk
SG-Dietric Slater
SF-Jamont Gordon
PF-Charles Rhodes
PF-Piotr Stelmach

They beat West Florida 76-73.

Jerrell Houston is a RS freshman, he is supposed to be a good player. But “our Jerrell’s are better” is a must here.

Jamont Gordon is their most hyped freshman because Monta Ellis went straight to the NBA.

The bad news is they have Piotr Stelmach, a big goofy foreigner. His is Polish to be exact, opening up the door for a plethora of Polish jokes which I will refrain from typing out. But we all know foreign big men seem to average about 34.4 points a game against us and 95.3% of them score career highs.

Also there is a rumor going around that their entire team smells like cheese. Not the good cheese, but the old cheese you find under your bed 3 months after you ate an oreo and cheese sandwich on your floor because you were too drunk to climb into bed. Just a rumor, but feel free to use it as truth.

There ya go, the product of a very bored Thursday night.

Please feel free to add anything that might actually be useful.

thanks CMack! good info :thumbsup:

Hope anything you guys do/say will help us hit more shots. Bottom line.

How about we chant

“Monta Ellis”

during their starting lineup introductions.

By far and away, we gotta concentrate on this Vernon kid. (I use the term ‘kid’ loosely) I don’t even think Cincinnati recruited high school kids above the drinking age.

‘RAAAAAIN MAAAAAN!’ wouldn’t be too bad. I’m sure someone could come up with something better.

It may or may not be a factor but they also have a 7-2 senior center who is an imposing defensive prescence as well as energetic, could cause trouble.