MLB to eliminate 40+ MiLB teams and HQ

Yes, the Southern League was where I was thinking a Kannapolis team might fit in. The Mudcats in Zebulon used to be in the AA Southern League before dropping down to the Carolina League. Its a long shot I know, but how cool for the White Sox org would it be to have the AAA, AA, and High A teams within a 2 hour drive of each other. If MLB teams are getting to pick and choose their affiliates now, who knows what to expect. There is a 10,000 seat requirement to be a AAA franchise. Not sure about a AA requirement.

Either way, the new ballpark in Kannapolis is really nice and it is a shame that no one is playing ball there. I’ve been out there several times over the summer to grab lunch or dinner from the concessions. Not a bad seat there and more importantly, there is SHADE!

Honestly, this was minor league baseball for me growing up, and still is. It was a good way to get 3 kids out the house for an evening for cheap, and take in a nice sunset.

Here is a small sample size of the big leaguers to come through Hickory

Andrew McCutchen
Neil Walker
Magglio Ordonez
Rougned Odor
Jose Bautista
Joey Gallo
Jorge Alfaro (Hip, Hip, Jorge!)

I went to catch a glimpse of a future MLB star. Outcome of the game was important too. Minor league soccer won’t give you that.

Axios piece linked below an easier read than the one from ESPN. A snippet:

The big guys telling the small guys that their guys need to make a sacrifice for the betterment of everyone. Then they get cut out anyway. Who would have figured?

MLB is now starting to partner with several Independent Leagues. They extended their partnership with the Atlantic League yesterday. That league has the High Point team and the new Gastonia team in it. In the past year or so, they have tested out different things for MLB like automated strike zones.

They announced today a partnership with the Frontier League and the American Association . That’s 34 teams there.

Funny that they are announcing these partnerships as the agreement with MiLB is about to expire in a week.

Rockers Stadium is immaculate. Really cool place to catch a ball game.

Appy League is going College Summer League. I’m sure we will see some of our guys there. Likely hitters, not pitchers.

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Came across this article about the independent Frontier League, which has 15 teams in the US and Canada:

The Appy league will now be a summer collegiate league targeting rising freshmen and sophomores. It is gonna be a partnership between the league, MLB, and USA Baseball. Sounds like they have aspirations to be on the level of the Cape Cod League.

MLB, USA Baseball, Announce New Format For Appalachian League