Moses Gonzales - 2005

According to Hoop Scoop, Charlotte leads Texas A&M and Utah State for 6’5 Moses Gonzales from Ventura (JC) CA. Couldn’t find too much on this kid at all, but was the MVP of the WSC Northern Division last year and was first team All-Conference.

Couldn’t find stats or his profile on any of the major recruiting sites.

I can see the headlines now…“Niners Ink Moses to Lead Them to Promised Land”

Remember: Moses was allowed to lead the “team” to the Promised Land, but wasn’t allowed to enter!!

don’t know how reliable this is, but an article says he is a PF…

Ventura vs Moorepark

same site has a few more writeups calling him a PF…either it’s a really low level JUCO league and he’s a 6’5" PF or the height is off somewhere

more stuff…

WSC Season Stats

19.4 ppg, not much else in that one…

Tremaine Gardiner was a 6’5 PF for us…

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Sep 21 2004, 08:14 PM [b] Tremaine Gardiner was a 6'5 PF for us... [/b]
the title of this thread says he's a 6'5" guard, he put up good numbers and if he is a PF it's not a bad thing, just trying to figure out if he is a guard or forward.

not another JUCO please, im really tired of this

My bad. Misinterpreted what you were getting at Butter.

[i]Originally posted by H-Niner[/i]@Sep 21 2004, 08:52 PM [b] not another JUCO please, im really tired of this [/b]
This trend will continue. We need two solid JUCO types per year, preferably big men, to fill holes. Talented D-1 Kids transferring in are also important to our program, ie. D'Angelo Alexander and Brendan Plavich. They're the reason why we make the tournament on a consistent basis. We're never reloading from scratch.
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Moses wears #22.

Anything new on Moses?

I haven’t seen/heard anything new on him. He is listed by Hoop Scoop as the #31 rated juco this year though.

I hear he is going to UTEP