Most Hilarious Homework Assignment Ever!

So I opened up my final homework assignment for Comm Research Methods on blackboard and here it is:

Dr. Dre and his sidekick, Eminem, decide to conduct a content analysis of the videos on MTV. They randomly sampled 9 videos aired on a Tuesday night from their crib in LBC (Long Beach, California). They developed a coding scheme with three categories: rap/hiphop, techno pop, punk rock. To make sure that they are not the only ones who are down with the coding scheme, they recruited two of their homeboys, Snoop Dogg and Warren G, to help out with the coding. However, they are worried that Snoop is more laid back with the coding than Warren, so they figure that they better check the reliability of their coding. The data are as follows:


rap/hip hop = 1

techno pop = 2

punk rock = 3

Britney Spears 2 2
Blink 182 3 2
Green Day 3 3
Madonna 2 2
Rage Against the Machine 1 3
Prodigy 2 3
Korn 3 3
Chemical Brothers 2 2
Chuck D 1 1

Assuming that they will attempt to assess the reliability of the coding with Scott’s pi, what answer should they come up with?


There goes 5 seconds I will never get back.

who’s your prof? Long?

Make sure your answer ends in -izzle.

who's your prof? Long?

Dr. Gallardo. She is easily the best professor I have ever had.

Make sure your answer ends in -izzle.

hahaha, I definitely will. That is brilliant!

Why did I read this?

Why did I read this?

Because you’re bored and willing to read anything? BTW, I found the answer to be [B][COLOR=green]49[/COLOR][/B]%!!!

you should use this to type your homework up.


who the hell is Scott?

who the hell is Scott?

[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman][B]Scott’s Pi: [/B]corrects for chance[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]
[CENTER][CENTER][FONT=Times New Roman]% of observed - % of agreement expected by chance[/FONT][/CENTER]

[CENTER][FONT=Times New Roman]100% - % agreement expected by chance[/FONT][/CENTER][/CENTER]

I wish homework could always be like this.

[QUOTE=The 49ers Insider;326869]you should use this to type your homework up.