Must Read....

Pay particular attention to Dalonte Hill’s compensation under “Hire that industry people are questioning most”


[I]Some guys went home, some landed on their feet quickly and others showed us that a DUI on your record really isn’t that big of a deal. [/I]

Wonder who that is…

What was Huggins’ recitation of the alphabet? It was something like, “A B C D E F G H I K L N Z” :toast:

Dalonte Hill is seriously ripping KSU off. I guess one year with a star player is worth it to them. Whatever.

Also interesting: Marshall apparently isn’t waiting for the USC job. He evidently was interviewed this week at Wichita State and other places:

SHORT END OF THE STICK: Gregg Marshall. What more does the Winthrop head coach have to prove? He’s been a mainstay in the NCAA tournament and even knocked off Notre Dame in the first round this year. He was in the mix at several places (New Mexico, Arkansas), but was passed over. Maybe he needs to go work for Rick Pitino for a year.

Its unreal what one player can do for your career. I hope D. Hill likes Manhattan because that is where he is going to be for a loooonnnngggg time.