Name Confusion Log

Those schools must like the UNC in their name, for some reason.

The campuses in smaller markets need the UNC to stand out and improve their reputation, Charlotte doesn’t need any help.

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I’m not sure how reliable this list is but I find it interesting that the only state schools in NC in this list are us, NCSU and UNC.

It’s time for us to have a name that removes confusion.

And remember that part of the confusion is that UNC chapel hill is often appreviated as UNCCH or UNC-CH.

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This does affect our name confusion as well. I’m a little sympathetic to the media in regard to this. You have one school that prefers to be called by the abbrevation, UNCW, while there’s another school in the system (us) that does not.

I’ll add, I don’t understand the frustration with being called UNC Wilmington instead of UNCW. To me that’s exactly the same thing, just one has less syllables. In our case, we are asking people to not include UNC in our name, there’s a significant difference.

Maybe it’s a social media thing? That’s all I can come up with.

Believe it or not there was a time when we wanted to be called UNCC. And it was evidenced by the number of years that it was on our sports jerseys. It was probably influenced by the success of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).
I guess only the old timers on here remember or can attest to that.

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I never minded being UNCC. When we kicked your ass it twisted the knife a little harder

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I remember the male cheerleaders spelling it out on the gym floor. I guess I am old too…

That was still common after Halton opened.

And the chant with our arms spelling UNCC, YMCA song style. That was fun. Especially when we won the Sun Belt Conference tournament in 88 beating vcu on their home floor.

clt says we cannot let the cheer opportunities distract us from our new name!

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We’re gonna be an R1 school come 2025. This puts us in the same academic echelon as NCSU, UNC, and Duke as the fourth member in the state of this elite achievement.

We need to seperate from UNC and just be Charlotte already.


Saw an advertisement for Appalachian this morning. Not only are they promoting their main campus but satellite campuses as well.

They are Appalachian State, not the University of North Carolina at Boone. There’s a huge difference that has allowed them to carve out their own identity.

Most outsiders, and some from within, still think we are a sattelite school of the flagship Chapel Hill. Anyone in marketing will tell you the importance of having your own identity like Appalachian, NC State, and East Carolina.

THE University of Charlotte.


Charlotte University (CLTU)

University of CHARLOTTE (UCLT)

Charlotte State (CLTS)

We have had this discussion dozens of times, including polls, and to save everyone time, the overwhelming favorite every time we have run it is: University of Charlotte.


Fantastic summation of this whole issue.

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Be who you are. I never understood the people that want to be confused with someone else. What a pitiful way for someone to live their life. I didn’t get into that school or didn’t attend that school but I want to pretend I did. Just looks pathetic. And yes… the University of Charlotte. But I I am good with the others as long as we lose the UNC. That was one of the drawbacks for me attending here. But so grateful I did.

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This is hilarious. Bet she went on line for 49ers cap and that cap came up, she said I like green and bought it. Thanks for your ignorant support!

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Yep, she saw it and liked it better than all the SF caps.

Can’t fault her taste!