Nance's Slam on Sportscenter Top 10!!

We’re getting play on the Top 10 this year. Scott also went on to say that “Charlotte gets a big win over UAB.”

Stu sucks, Nance rules!

when does sportscenter usually show the top ten? near the end usually right? it comes on again at 1am right

me wants to see the nasty dunk again!

Yea, Nance was also a Gym Gem on College Gamenight (came on at 12:30a) tonight. It was NASTY!!!

Just saw it on SportsCenter - it was #6.

Caption was “You Can Nance If You Want To.” Nice.

Great dunk, I almost fell off my couch seeing that one.

Anyone else as happy as I am that he didn’t have to sit a game for his flagrant foul and ejection vs ECU?

I thought it was funny that #2 play of the day was VG the golden gopher with a no look assist.