Nate Davis - draft discussion


clt says the announcers were very positive about Nate


North Carolina - Charlotte


On I see scores for 48 OL. And he scored better than 15 so he was 33 out of 48 for OL that lifted.


He didn’t hurt himself at the Combine and that’s a plus. He still has his pro day, not sure when that is scheduled for. The bottom line is that it will all go back to his tape, which teams like. Mike Mamula, John Ross and countless others have nailed the Combine drills but turned out to be massive busts. I still think Nate is a 3rd/4th round selection. There will be a massive run on defensive players I think in the first two rounds.


I’ve never thought our guys weren’t conditioned or in decent shape. They just haven’t been big or fast enough.




Can’t recall if I posted it here. Nate, and Charlotte’s, Pro Day is on March 22nd.


Who’s participating besides Nate ?


No idea at this point, I know we generally have guys from smaller schools in the area also come in and participate. I believe I saw something about WCU’s Punter coming in for it.


Bet Duke will be present.


I’m still curious what happened with the Canadian team that announced he had signed with them.


Do you think Foggie and any of the other Oline guys will be there?


Foggie certainly will be. He will definitely make camp somewhere.






clt says we are lineman u.


Pretty sure the Panthers have interest in Nate as well. Since he’s a “local prospect,” he wouldn’t count against the 30 each team gets. But, this is good if he goes 3rd round.