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C’mon, LBJ Jr. “earned” it! :roll_eyes:


Wow that’s a bad look.


Interesting table from Draft Express going back to 1995. Of the 30 players drafted at #55, this is how they have faired in the NBA:

Starter = 1

Back-up = 4

End of bench = 13

Did not play in NBA = 8

Too early to tell (recent draftees) = 4

From the last category, 2021 draftee Aaron Wiggins has become a regular part of the OKC rotation and just got a new $47 million contract.

2022 draftee Gui Santos of GSW has played in 24 games total, of which one was the in-season tournament. Spent majority of his two seasons in the G League.

2023 draftee Isaiah Wong of IND saw action in one game - the in-season tournament. Spent rest of season in the G League.

More tidbits about the 55th pick:

And while LBJ and Bronny could be the first father and son to play in the NBA at the same time, there have been a number of offspring who have ended up in the league as well:

I don’t think anyone thinks LBJ Jr would be getting paid if it wasn’t for who he is. No different than a Biden or Trump kid or a kid of any rich influential person.

Nothing more, nothing less

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Found some issues with those Hoops Hype numbers.

Santos initial NBA contract was a 3 year deal worth $5,143,107 with a guarantee of $1,009,483.

As pointed out earlier, Wiggins just re-upped for $47 million.

2019 NCAAT MOP Guy is currently playing in the Euro League while Scrubb has been plagued by injuries after being the first JUCO drafted since 2004.

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In the latest Dunced On podcast Nate Duncan stated that if you look at other 2nd round picks after 55 in recent years Bronny’s contract is only an outlier because of the third year guarantee.

He said there were other examples of late second round picks getting full contracts. Just not the third year guarantee. He did state in his opinion that was a LeBron appeasement move (paraphrased).

Rich kids getting preferential treatment because who their parents are isnt new.

What is slightly different is most of those roles are 1, not public and 2, no salary cap.

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I’ve have an even better idea - hold both rounds on the same day! :roll_eyes:

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Interesting that the undrafted one of the Martin twins has had the more productive NBA career so far. Must have really wanted out of Miami to turn down what the Heat were going to pay him to sign with the Sixers instead.

Realize it’s just one game but stats definitely mirror his year at USC.

Me thinks something is missing or wrong in the details.

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Hss to be more to that story down the line.