NC State cheats again

They hired a well known cheater to do this.

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clt is supportive of nc state here. Too bad they will be punished for not having a law school

I can see why Mark Price had no chance at recruiting. No connections and no clue about the money game.


I always wondered if Lutz was pushed out at NCSU because he wouldn’t participate in this, or wouldn’t crossed some line.


It seems like the head coach keeps himself clean by hiring assistants that will do the dirty work. Lutz didn’t want to be the fall guy?



Hope he likes doing radio.

Doesn’t matter. He certainly is just fine regardless whether he ever takes another job or not.

Unless he’s in jail for 9 months.

I was talking about Bobby.

You’re right Bobby will be just fine. He knew the recruiting game out kept his nose clean.

Gottfried has always been a scum bag and State knew that when they hired him. No sympathy.