NC State has just TEN POINTS at the half!!


NC State=typical overrated ACC garbage

hahaha ten points at the half! come on “jules” save your team! what a joke the puppy pack is

Man, that’s awesome. I thought that somehow, that was a football score. 10 points at the half? That’s a basket every 4 minutes.

i hate julius hodge with a passion, i love it when state gets spanked and his ego is brought back down to earth

16 points with 11:00 left

I’m watching on MSG and you got to love how hard St. john’s is playing, they are doing thei rbest to not let them back in the game.
52-27 with 7 left, if Hodge wasn’t playing now NC State would still have 14 points.

Amazing that they are playing this bad. Not that I mind of course.

Hopefully now the pollsters will see how completely overrated state is.

Can’t really cast stones but they played a pathetic OOC schedule and it’s going to start catching up with them big time. They were never a top 10 team while they were there and shouldn’t be in the top 25, period. They will get absolutely hammered in conference play and teams like Washington, St. John’s (and soon to be W. Virginia) are exposing them bad.

The shame of all this is that State will be ranked #21 in the next poll while GW will be around #35.

Look at UNC. They lost to a team by double digits who lost this weekend to Yale and Cen. Conn St. and they’re #5?


As I have been saying all year… NC State is the most over-rated team in the country. The best team they have beaten is La-Lafayette.
They have only played 2 road games so far. SOS = 229. I will never understand how they got ranked in the top 15.

Wasn’t gamer telling us yesterday that they are one of the four schools in NC with a legitimate shot at a National Championship? :rolleyes:

[i]Originally posted by LutzFan[/i]@Dec 30 2004, 11:00 PM [b] I will never understand how they got ranked in the top 15.


Simply because they’re in the ACC and no other reason. If they played in any other conference, they would have been out of the top 25 long ago or likely never even in it. Like it or not, the ACC has serious clout and even the mediocre teams within it reap the benefits.

[b]The best team they have beaten is La-Lafayette. [/b]

Whoooooooaaaa. Easy there, big fella, you’re hitting close to home :ph34r:

That was one wretched game. They shot 2-24 from the 3. They havent played anybody, but it may have just been one of those nights. Of course, I think St Johns is playing with exactly 3 scholarship players. :blink:

Too early to tell…on them and us.

add insult to injury for State

[b]The Wolfpack shot 13 percent in the first half (3-for-23) and finished at 20 percent for the game (13-for-65), including 2-for-24 from 3-point range.

This was North Carolina’s fewest points in a game since a 59-42 loss at Clemson on Jan. 27, 2000. The Wolfpack’s lowest total this season came in a 60-53 win over Purdue. [/b]

13 of 65 is almost impossible to do even if you’re trying to miss :blink:

[i]Originally posted by Iron9er[/i]@Dec 30 2004, 11:09 PM [b] Whoooooooaaaa. Easy there, big fella, you're hitting close to home :ph34r: [/b]
Yeah, I know... but we aren't ranked in the top 15 either.

from the article:

[b]The Red Storm (6-4) led 27-10 at halftime and pulled away by holding the Wolfpack (10-2) without a field goal for a [b]14-minute[/b] stretch. [/b]

Wow. They did good to finish with 45 if they went 14 minutes without a field goal.

[i]Originally posted by LutzFan[/i]@Dec 30 2004, 11:00 PM [b] Wasn't gamer telling us yesterday that they are one of the four schools in NC with a legitimate shot at a National Championship? :rolleyes: [/b]
:violin: Consider the source. Call the WAAAAAAmbulance, the Wolfpack never have played an OOC schedule worth talking about and are severely overated.

Our OOC schedule is crappy too…

as of Friday Kenpom our SOS is 28 spots behind nc state, Sagrin we are 85 spots harder

I’ll eat a little crow here. I thought State was a good team(not a top 10 team), but I did want to see them play somebody good before I decided how good. Well they lost to a good Washington team on the road and lost to a Division III team at MSG and they failed to score 50 points against them. I now feel comfortable saying “State is not good.” If they are still in the top 25 that is BS.

I cannot understand the State hating on this board…I mean, at least they had the nuts to schedule us, and we know how that turned out. :smiley:

all teams from the acc are superior to everyone else. right?