Anyone play it? I took some pics…


[QUOTE=Gill2003;202916]Anyone play it? I took some pics…


…wow… from the looks of that screen you have the SNES version of it. :-D. It looks like they are in 2D in that picture. Nah i know it looks a whole lot better on screen, pic just didn’t come out right. :biggrin:

Why do you have us tied with Wake at 0-0? Couldn’t you have at least given us a 21-0 lead?

NCSU is the rival, and WF … well that was at the start…

Can you not design your own logo in that game?

nope… it was either the C or a wierd lookcing crest with a pick axe and a hammer.

I use the pic and the hammer logo. Not to bad really.

Who do u use as the mascot?

I made a team back on NCAA 2004. I used the 30,000 seat stadium, and put them in CUSA…well, after several good years, they got an invite to replace Temple in the Big East. Now, the Big East is probably the best conference on the game, with Charlotte, West Virginia, and Miami being perennial top 10 programs every year. Its rare that any one of them goes through a conference season unscathed, but if they do, they’re usually rewarded with a national title game appearance.

I have almost identical uniforms for my cyber niners. I went with the green helmet instead.

I did the older classic look uniforms… but it didnt go with Charlotte as a theme. We have such a modern logo and such, and I figured when we get a team, we will most likely go with a modern looking uniform

Modern uniforms = teh sux0rz. The best unis in sports belong to college football teams (aTm, Texas, Alabama, ND, Michigan, OSU, etc.) or classic NFL unis (Chargers powder blue, Browns, Cowboys, Raiders, Green Bay)

actually I like some of the New Unis better than the old. Remember when the bucs had those AWFUL looking unis and logo. When they updated they looked and played like bad asses. Same way with the Patriots. Thier unis look Ten Times better than the old unis. I do like the Charger’s powder blue though and also the Panthers Blue unis. The best though are the Cowboys’ dark blue road jerseys.