NCAA Football 11 + my Niners team (pics/stadium/uniforms included)

Anyone interested in getting an online dynasty together? I’ve got a few friends who are in already. Here is a link to the Charlotte Dynasty I’m creating if anyone would like to see my renderings of the uniforms/field/stadium/etc. I used Marshall’s field as a replica…thought it looked fairly similar and it has near 40k cap. Tell me what you think.

Edit: forgot to add, you can download the team if you’d like to use it in your game and you don’t want to bother going through all that customization stuff. However it’s done through the website and is a pretty painless/fun process IMO. Plus you might want to start at ground zero or above where I chose. I picked pretty much somewhere in the middle.

Just noticed sometimes the logos dont come up and that takes a lot away from the helmets/unis. Make sure “Display Custom Logos” is clicked/checked.

Shane, you didn’t include the link.

oops. anyways, make sure that checkbox for the logos is clicked. and check out the alternate unis/helmet as well

I’m buying a new 360 this week, I should be down.

So with my 49ers I went into Florida the second game of the season and won…I uploaded the game winning TD in case anyone wants a preview of things to come!

Good stuff…

Those are some pretty realistic pictures for a video game.

somebody shoot me an invite for an online dynasty…ArchiTorture55

anyone know if you can still create a school in teambuilder for ncaa10?

Edit: found it. I have to make the team all over again ugh

Anyone have trouble uploading stats? I’ve created my team and went through a whole season. But everytime I end a game it says “Can not upload” or something like that.

If you guys can get enough people I’ll buy the game for online dynasty.

The school challenge or whatever it’s called hasn’t been working, but they’ve fixed it now. It’s the thing that accumulates points based on skill, winning, sportsmanship, etc. It all goes to your favorite school listed in the game and the school with the most points wins something at the end of the year. So in reality it doesn’t affect much at all.