NCAA: Increase in cutline approved + discussion on rulebook

Per ESPN, change is in the air in Indy!

[b]Increase in APR cutline appproved

An NCAA tourney ban? It’s getting real now

Panel mulls simplifying NCAA rulebook

Summit could mark major NCAA change[/b]

Did they change the way the cutline is calculated? Sorry, didn’t have a chance to read the articles yet.

I saw on twitter that only 3 total SWAC and MEAC teams would have been eligible for postseason action.

hopefully there are variances for startups:

According to ESPN, if the new standards had been in place this past season, 12 teams would have been ineligible for the Big Dance, including K-State, Morehead State, Ohio State, Purdue, San Diego State, Syracuse, UAB, and USC.

BTW, 2k, only Alcorn State would have been eligible from the SWAC. Doesn’t mention which two MEAC teams would have made the grade.

I know this was in another thread, but does anyone know if the NCAA has ruled on our appeal of our men’s basketball APR or are they moving with their usual glacially slow speed?