necessary condiment?

As a server in the food and beverage industry, I have come across the most ridiculous statements by customers. There is a famous line that has been used throughout time, “The customer is always right.” In most cases you MUST respect the customer and do whatever you can to make there visit a vacation from life.

Ranch dressing is the most commonly asked for condiment I have come across with my customers to use in a variety of ways, including dipping french fries, chicken, burgers, seafood and even ITALIAN. Yes I said it and it wounds me deeply too; to think that somebody would change the entire landscape of an Italian blessing.

That being said, along with the basic ketchup, salt/pepper……should Ranch Dressing be placed on tables throughout restaurants? If not, what should be?

I am also in agreement that the only thing possibly needed to complete a dish is the chosen one, also known as [B]BACON SALT[/B]; but if our great nation did not have this genius love for bacon available to us……then what?

You cant leave ranch sitting out open. It goes bad.

Now if its like the Chick-fil-a packets, I think that could work. but then your cost just goes up. Specifically, I think this could be easily fixed by asking if the customer wants ranch dressing on the side. Make it optional on every meal, and on the menu it can say, Ranch Dressing Side, 39 cents or something.


I’d put A1 on about anything…


I’d put A1 on about anything…

God I love that stuff.

A1 and Texas Pete are the best.

I love texas pete, as is evident by our kitchen.

I loved A-1 at one point… but, I really just wore that stuff out. I can barely eat it anymore.

Nowadays, if I order a steak, I will eat half the steak plain and half the steak with Heinz 57.

Heinz 57 is also delicious on burgers.

I haven’t met too many people who use it, but Tony Cachere’s Creole Seasoning is awesome and addictive. You can use it on anything and everything. All grocery stores carry it, but I never see it at restaurants. It’s not a necessary condiment but I would suggest it to anyone who wants to add a little zip to food.

Never order steak form a joint that has steaksauce on the table. Good steaks shouldn’t need any sauce.

I love horseradish, give me that and I’m happy.

I agree that a “good” steak needs no sauce. But with that said, I can drink A1 straight from the bottle. I also love chipotle mustard which is great on virtualy any deli sandwich or even used as a grilling glaze on certain meats.

A1, BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard, & Ranch.
Also, have you BBQ Slaw from Gastonia? I tried it at my friend’s house on burgers, & it doesn’t taste like slaw, & it’s good.
And I love me some cheese.
Chipotle or Baja Sauce when I’m in the mood for Southwest.
Soy Sauce when I buy rice at an Asian restaraunt.
Curry Sauce on rice at an Indian restaraunt.


[URL=]Boar & Castle[/URL]

[QUOTE=BiscuitPants04;250147]should Ranch Dressing be placed on tables throughout restaurants? [/QUOTE]

no need to place on the table.

give 'em one of these.

[QUOTE=BiscuitPants04;250147]If not, what should be? [/QUOTE]

White Castle and Marinara…is this for when someone orders “Slider Parmesan?”

Has McDonalds been around longer than ketchup?

Coming soon to a Starbucks near you?

and just so you don’t look silly at Long John Silvers, there is a difference.

“Would you like Shrimp Sauce or Cocktail Sauce with your shrimp?”

Mayo. is generally the only thing I need/have to ask for. A1 is too strong a flavor and completely masks whatever you are putting it on. Katchup is the devil and should never be used for anything. Mustard is good stuff, especially when mixed 50/50 with mayo and a little salt/pepper. thats good for fries. I saw horseradish from above… thats some tasty stuff too.

I used to like ranch… but I don’t understand the fascination with it.

to each their own.

my personal favorite is honey mustard. i could put it on anything!

as for ranch and others going bad…while working when it’s SLAMMED busy and you’re going back and forth to 9 tables all screaming something…we are always trying to find ways to make our job more efficient (instead of running from the kitchen to the table 19 times when customers decide they want this or that after asking and asking if they are sure they dont need ANYTHING else) in any way possible.

although when it is slow or you’re waiting for an order to come out you get creative back there going from cocktail sauce, tartar, mayo, mustard, aoli, bbq, thousand isle, chocolate syrup and many many more.

the next time someone asks for ranch…hand 'em one of these.

Given the free coupons I rec’d, last season at Halton Arena, for Jack in the Box, I’ve only been a couple of times, so I may not be qualified to speak towards their target audience.

However, I will say that I have doubts that this is very popular at JITB.

The seasoning on Bojangles Fries.

shrimp sauce at a japanese place is amazing.

I like ranch seasoning, but not a big fan of the dressing.

I am in agreement that a steak should not need any kind of sauce.

Oh and I am born and raised in NC so of course I like vinegar

seasoning on the checkers french fries

If Vinegar is around, i’ll put it on my fries.

As for sauces going bad?

Well considering alot of ranch (i’d assume most) use a base of mayo and/or buttermilk, I wouldnt tempt fate by leaving any kind of unsealed container with ranch in it out there.