Need a little help

What would you say the Top 10 highlights of Charlotte in CUSA were?

Obviously winning the Tournament twice, being CUSA regular season champs, and beating Cincy at Cincy are up there. Perhaps our record over CUSA (including the Tournament). These all just relate to CUSA play.

  • Beating undefeated Cincinnati at Halton in 1999
  • Beating Louisville last season

A couple of my favs were/are
Beating down Louisville and getting Crum fired. Sportscenter just kept showing those highlights. It was like “Back and to the left” in JFK

Coming back from 12 down to beat USF in Tampa and watching Seth meltdown on the court.

Beating Rhody in OT at the Dance

Knocking UL out of the CUSA tourney on not one, not two, but three occasions including for the ring.

Watching Rodney, Demarco and Galen getting drafted was nice.

Also watching them put a 100 spot on UH in 96. This was Demarco’s last game a Niner and my first in Halton

How about us going 11-0 so far against USM in CUSA?


Tintin’s mention of the 2002 USF game reminded me… how about Basden’s dunk in that game? Or Jermaine Williams making Brandon Bender quit vs. Louisville that year?

Alright, I’m writing an article for the Utimes Basketball preview…

I think so far…

UL retirees (Crum, Bender)
1999 CUSA Champ (4 in a row)
2001 Cusa Champ (Rodney White’s big year)
2004 regular Champs
Cincy at Cincy last year (first time beating cincy, only team to win Ring of Red game)
Cincy at halton 1999 (Undefeated they were ranked #2, right? They were sweet 16 that year too weren’t they?)
DeMarco’s last game (One of the best players in CUSA History leaves in style)
Our Record over CUSA (second all-time in wins)

What about Hayward’s comeback, did he play in any CUSA games?

My personal favorite was BEING THERE for the beating of Cincy at the Shoe last year!!!

Obviously, I am a little biased…

East Carolina joining for all sports and creating an instate rivalry with Charlotte.