New alumni center

The new alumni center (house) bids in about two weeks.I don’t have my file in front of me but I believe it is aprox. a 8 million dollar project.It was raised from private money.Any guesses who the big doners were?Hint: it will be called the Harris center.Very impressive looking project.Construction should begin this summer.

Also you will be able to buy bricks similar to to Halton’s exterior pavers as well as interior placks.

UNC Charlotte Alumni Center

Just paid $500 on it last week.

Come on alums, donate to the building, this is a good cause.

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I got me one of those. :smiley: Can’t wait to drink my first cold one in the BIG house

ROLL CALL-If you bought a paver/Plack say-aye…AYE!!!


Lefty, Nick and I will invite you to our private room in the Alumni Center, the Gold Dusters Room. :lol:

Where the wine flows like beer and lap dances abound no doubt. :smiley:

AYE! Now pour me another drink!

The most recent list of contributors…

Brick Pavers
60s - Jerry Causby '68, Richard M. Spittle, Jr. '67, Theron C. Teagle '46
70s - Alpha Delta Pi, Nancy Davis '79 and Tip Nicholson '76, Richard B. Everhart '75, Toni Kaneklides Grove '77, Larry Hyatt '72, Jennifer Lowery-Bell '78, Linda P. Miles '72, Tom '74 and Katie '07 Moore, Paul E. Parker '71, Eric Stenstrom '74, Karin Kincaid Thrift '79, Steve G. Tsumas '77, Ronald H. Wright '73
80s - Betsy Mills Bryan '81, '90, '00, Timothy G. Caudle '89, Delta Sigma Phi - 1989, Misty Cowan-Hathcock '85, '91, '96, '04, Ben Greenland '81, William Franklin Hollar '80, Bill '89 and Kay '87 Hurst, D. Michael Miles, Sr. '88, Tracie W. Miles '89, Kara K. Queen '88, Steve '88 and Dana Ray, William Jeffrey Ray '86,
Darin Spease '89, Lori Tucker Ussery '84
90s - Marcy A. Arnold '94, Scooter Abrams '94, Rochelle R. Brown '90, Matthew Cilley '99, David H. Coble '99, Keita A. Davis '93, The Gardner Family-Steve '90, '92, Tracey '92, Ben and Caroline, Tim D. Gentry '96, Todd '93 and Angela '92 Graden, Todd C. Greene '94, Carl L. Hendricks '92, Richard '90 and Julie '90 Hofmann, Jeremy B. Jones '97, Brink Jones '98, Justin Jones '98, James Edward Kale, IV '05, Philip Keefer '92, '00, Michael J. Leno '98, Brian Love '98,
Lisa Lunsford '96, David L. Miller '92, Jason Alexander Moscato '97, Garrick A. Newsome '93, Mr. and Mrs. Sean '94 O’Donnell, Jason Peetz '92, Toby Potts '92
Doug, MBA '97 and Laura '90 Reece, JoAnn Hasbrouck Roth '91, '93, Stan '92 and Marla '93 Sherrill, The Shuntich Family, Kathy Shumate Spease '90, Heidi Marie Spreitzer '93, April Spurlin '95 and Keith Spurlin '98, Michael '98 and Jessica '96 Stearns, Mitch Williams '97, Stacie G. Young '98
00s - Arnold Air Society '04, Marsha Leigh Auten '06, Kelly Bartels '05, Brandy Nicole Bennett '02, H. William Compton, Jr. '05, Gerald T. Cook, III '01, '04, Charles James Copeland '04, Jonathan E. Davies '04, Heather M. Davis '06, Jeanne Geraghty '07, William Hunt '04, Kevin '02 and Melissa '04 Johnson, Louis W. Kemp, III '05, Kappa Alpha Order '04, Amber D. Keith '04, Adam Ross Key '04, Jennifer Leiweke '07, Clay V. Locklear '03, Greg Melvin '02, Beau Memory '02, Adam A. Montgomery '04, Lashay Renne Morgan '05, Natasha L. Morrow '05, Katie Parise '06, Emilee Potter '06, Lydia Nicole Reed '02, Amy Reid '03, R&R Construction, Teverious '06 and Calvin Robertson, Mackenzie Robertson '07, Meredith Lindsey Scott '04, Thomas L. Shoupe, III '04, Silver Wings Chapter '03, LaShonda Sparks '04, Kelly Strang '06, Brandon Suggs '06, Team 9erettes '04, Teresa Villalon '08
In Memory Of - Richard A. Barcus by Jaime Barcus, Steven Glasscock by Michelle Glasscock '99
In Honor Of - Ashley Ascott '04 by Rosiland Wallace, John Michael Barnhardt
by Teresa Barnhardt, The Collard King and Queen by Amber Keith, Dr. Seth Ellis
by Mike Wood '68, Amanda J. Elmore '04 by James Weiss, Lauren E. Carpenter '04
by W. K. White
Friends - Blanca Berrios, Central Piedmont ASPA Chapter, The Edson Family
Edson and Steve, Eddie Knox, Ken McHenry, Pat McHenry, Judy Roseborough, Morgan Roseborough, Structure Tone - RT Dooley, THK’s Food Shop

Standard Tiles
60s - Ellison Clary '68 and Linda Gallehugh '01
70s - Chuck Adkins '75, Meg Adkins Ziegler '01 and Kate Adkins '06, Bob Bullock '75, Terre Thomas Bullock '77, Dr. Robert W. Hinson '72, '86, '89, Richard '78 and Rhonda Wilson Nantz '80, Bobbe Berry Smith '70, Rebecca Whitener Talton '74, '81, '86
80s - Ken J. Baxter, CPA '81, Hugh W. “Butch” Carter '85, Civey Boyles Conway '80, James W. Kirk '81, Carla Wyatt Payne '88, '94
90s - John P. Ager '92, Jennifer Cozart '98, Gregory’95 and Amy Denning
Karl '93 and Dana '95 Lehnhardt, Nick Rhodes '97, Brian '90 and Tricia '97 Sisson, Ned Murry Stroud III '99
00s -Ashley Lawton '04, Eric R. Vernon '03
In Memory Of - Mrs. Charles H. (Clara McKay) Stone by Ashe Lockhart '88, Joanna R. Baker, Ph.D. by The Joanna R. Baker Foundation
In Honor Of - Dr. Dan L. Morrill by Jason L. Harpe

Premium Tiles
60s - E. Rose Erwin '61, '68, '72, '83, G. Franklin Jones, Jr. '67, John McArthur '67, William McAuley '68, Martha E. Price '68, '72, '83
70s - Edward Auten '77, Ann H. Carson '74, Tony '72, Renea '74 and Tera '04 Crumbley, Robert E. (Bob) Dickens '76, Susan L. Foster '79, Hulene Hill '71, Dr. Arthur H. Jeske '70, Gene '73 and Vickie '71 Johnson, Jay '76 and Lee Ann Johnson Miller, Jeff Stewart, Jr. '73, David R. Taylor '71, Steve G. Tsumas '77,
William '79 and Karen Whittaker
80s - Dennis N., III '81 and Kathryn M. Bunker, Edna Chirico-Huber '83, Mark '83 and Susan '84, '87 Colone, Misty Cowan-Hathcock '85, '91, '96, '04, Seamus Donohoe '88, David H. Dunn '80, John '82, '84 and Christy Frampton, Donnie R. Koonce '81 and Masherrill Fant Koonce '81, Bobby '80 and Janet Deal '85 Lutz, Tammy Lutz '84, Jeff '86 and Tammy '85 Nisbet, William D. Robertson '82, Mary Ann Rouse '80, Mike Shields '80, John Snelsire '89
90s - Marti Becker '92, Stefanie Dick '99, Joel A. Gilland '93, Chris and Tracy '90 Haney, Lisa '95 and Daryl Kidd, Debra Diane Kilby '93, James A. Kunevicius '98, Randy '96 and Wendy Peterson, Michael Wilson '93 and Anna Schleunes, Jon Vandergrift '99, '02, Leigh A. Walters '93
In Memory Of - Rodney Abrams by Joe Badgett '88
In Honor Of - Donna Marie Gregory Hildreth by James Hildreth
Friends - Ed Adkins, Morgan and Judy Roseborough

It’s a one time donation of $149 for a paver, $250 yearly over 4 years for a regular tile (1043 available) or $500 yearly over 5 years for a preium tile (102 available).

$160,427 of $2,000,000 (8%) needed has been raised, please do your part!

AYE!! for a paver.

Now here is a great topic! We are very close to breaking ground on the Harris Alumni Center. Bids for the project are in and are under review. The project will end up costing just over $4 million. The building will be %100 privately funded, so no tax dollars or student fees go into the building. So far, half of the funds have been raised thanks to some very generous alumni and friends of UNC Charlotte. Obviously, there is still more money to be raised.

There are 4 primary opportunities for giving to the Alumni Center. Naming opportunities (rooms) begin @ $5,000 and go up from there. As HP said, premium tiles (such as the one being held by Coach) are $2,500 ($500 a year for 5 years) and will be in the main entertainment hall or the building. Standard tiles, which will also be in the enterainment hall are $1,000 ($250 a year for 4 years). The back patio of the building will be comprised of brick engraved with the names and graduation dates of alums who donate $149 to the project. If you missed out on getting a brick at the SAC, this is your chance.

The info that we have on the Alumni Association web site is under construction currently, but will be back up soon. We are in the process of having a new web site put up and there are still a few issues to work out. You can check out the new site at

If anyone would like more information about the building, send me a pm and I will mail you a copy of our campaign brochure. Additionally, I would be glad to talk to anyone about the project. My # in the Alumni Office is (704) 687-2656. My email is

Class of 2000

Good post alumnus.It is sad to see how many have not responded in the affirmativeas to having bought a paver/plack.No excuese students,there is a 49$ student paver on the alumni center available.Drink cheeper beer for a month and you can contribute.Alumni on this board should be flat out ashamed of themselves.A good thing we are not trying to raise $ for a football team.Or do youall expect that cash to just fall out of the sky like it is doing for tha alumni center.When doing projections for fund raising potential all past efforts are looked upon. So far the alumni center is a black eye one that list.Consider yourself offically CALLED OUT!!!

AMEN lake! Your name can be in 49er history forever for a small donation. Those of you wanting a football team, here’s the opportunity. If the masses don’t support this cause, it will be proof that a football team can not and will not be supported by alumni.


I purchased Wake Forest season football tickets for 15 yearsa (and b-ball tickets for 3), you call that football (for the most part)?

Before I get called a traitor, I’ve held 49ers season tickets since Wisselball’s initial season, 1982.

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Apr 28 2005, 05:21 PM [b] I purchased Wake Forest season football tickets for 15 yearsa (and b-ball tickets for 3), you call that football (for the most part)?

Before I get called a traitor, I’ve held 49ers season tickets since Wisselball’s initial season, 1982. [/b]


It was fun to recognize a name or two in that list (even an ex-fling :smiley: )

HP, did someone post that link again? This is what I get on Run’s:

“We’re sorry - the page or function you tried to access could not be found on our web site. We would appreciate it if you could take a moment to email us at, including details of how you arrived at this page, so that we can correct the problem.”

austin, they are redoing the site. Some of the links on the left hand side work however.

You should PM Nick to get one of the new brochures sent over. It is an outstanding piece of information on the project. They have taken mini (many, too) photos of UNC Charlotte life to computer generate a large photo of the Alumni House.

HP, my no football comment was not directed at you-it was for all of these gung ho football "boosters’’ who screem for a football team that will cost 10-12 million and yet don’t have the BALLS to support the new alumni center, just a bunch of lame ass PU****S.All talk and no action.