New Bookstore

Sounds like a Judy Rose/Chapel Hill Phil response!!

**edited to point out that yes…that was sarcasm at it’s highest level

Yeah the lack of online versus brick and mortar is backwards. You should have a much larger online presence. Many smaller universities that I work with only have online merchandise. I think you could do away with a clothing and apparel store if you combined online with walk up access during key events such as athletic events, student move in week, rush, etc… It takes a little more planning and organization, but the cost of running an on campus store is probably high for as often as it is used. It is encouraging to see that the University appears to be more forward thinking.

clt says we should partner with amz

Went to the bookstore before the game- what a joke. They were out of Large in almost everything. Almost everything was black or gray.

I try to go to the bookstore before the start of every football season, and can say with confidence that they really didn’t seem to give a F this year. Nothing new/interesting in stock. Same ole generic looking clothes. Terrible hat selection. <1% of what they have for sale is worth buying. Another 15% would be worth buying if it weren’t overpriced. Barnes/Noble absolutely deserves to lose their right to manage the store from a merchandising standpoint. The on-campus store should overwhelm and inspire you. Charlotte’s decided to go in the opposite direction. It’s a complete failure - and definitely not worth the parking fee you’re forced to endure to check it out.

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Maybe athletics can branch off from the bookstore. Create their own “team store” at the football stadium and Halton. Go with another online store (Fanatics?) B&N is trash for university bookstores. Only care about shareholders not the university, students, alum.

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I’d imagine that is what Hill would like to do as well. Gators work with Fanatics as well. Don’t think this is allowed under our current agreement with B&N.

Maybe the in store inventory reduction means B&N knows they are losing exclusive control of our merchandise next July. If we keep B&N for books they’ll demand the on campus team store too. I haven’t seen anything from them that can’t be done by 5 permanent staff and a bunch of student part timers.

Not a lot of choices but Fanatics currently has a sale- a lot cheaper than bookstore.

Bumping this because the contract is up on the 15th. If you haven’t already expressed your views on this please let the athletics department know we are still looking for positive change here.

What does the contract include? Just operation of the store, or apparel rights altogether? Not sure what’s at stake.

You can look at the contract here:

Did we dump B&N? Fanatics online retail for athletics only? Can we get some freaking Nike merchandise the coaches/players wear?

Chris Fuller stated on Twitter last week they are meeting with B&N this week. If you are a season ticket holder for MBB, please put your concerns about gear in the response sections.

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Did we re-sign a contract with B&N? I’ve been holding off on buying any gear to see if better new material comes out based on this expiring contract.

No info yet on that. I’d imagine we keep B&N but restructure agreement

The bookstore had c pick belts. Anyone know where to find them?

got mine a few years back at the bookstore. Can’t find anybody who will make one anymore though.