New Charlotte Based Food/Sports Show "Wes Got Range" - Episode 1 with WR Austin

What’s going on everyone? I wanted to drop off my new sports/food show I debuted on YouTube this past week called “Wes Got Range”. It meshes the worlds of food and sports and the first episode features WR Austin Duke. I hope you like it and feel free to subscribe to my channel WESBRYANTLIVE as we will be posting new show bi-weekly…Enjoy

Wes Got Range - Episode 1 “Kickstand”

Genius idea Wes and good work. Thanks for showcasing Austin with your first episode. Hope to see more Niners going forward and maybe a few coaches.

I enjoyed that. Austin Duke is good guy. Really represents the university well.

Cant wait to see what he can do against FBS defenses.

great first episode wes. I really like austin duke and think he has a chance in the nfl as a slot receiver if he works on limiting the dropped passes.

Thanks for posting that :slight_smile:

Nice, enjoyed the interview and looks like a great burger!

Really good interview. Austin Duke is a great representative for our university. I like the shows concept food and sports. Hopefully we see more Niners in the future.