New layout of

Debuted today:

Also new ticketing site:

[quote=“49RFootballNow, post:1, topic:30455”]Debuted today:

Also new ticketing site:[/quote]

Step in the right direction. Could we finally be admitting that mens basketball and mens football drive ticket sales?

Both sites look great.

Makes no sense that we made the ticketing site when is available for purchase.

website looks awesome but i cant click on any of the tabs (sports, inside athletics, etc)

nevermind its working now

Hey even websites need to go to lunch.

The sites look great, though there are a few broken links.

packthemine is being blocked by my employer, which sucks.

I love the football player pages with the large rotating action photos (when available). That looks fantastic.

Team store got a face lift. Selection hasn’t changed much, but the site is better than it was.

Looking through the football roster I did not see Tyrhee Pratt, is he coming to Charlotte still?

Sorry,, I’m not disabling AdBlock.

I have the same problem. The filters probably think it is a euphemistic pr0n site.

I have the same problem. The filters probably think it is a euphemistic pr0n site.[/quote]

Looks like it’s pretty bandwith-intensive, so that may be why.

Visa Checkout offer is pretty good. Runs through August, spend 50 get 20 off. I might look into a hoodie.

Anyone know if exchanges are easy at the bookstore if it doesn’t fit?

The word pack makes me think of Wolfpack. To bad there wasn’t another word used, just sayin.

Otherwise, looks fine to me

clt says it doesn’t look good on the clt Palm pilot

Site looks great! Love all the detail and moving parts, interested to see how they handle student ticketing as it hasn’t been released yet.