New Look

[quote=“Normmm, post:20, topic:30288”]Hi Mac,
Is there a way to bring back the previous “Unread Posts” and “Previous Posts” buttons to the Home Screen?

I’m not positive of the name of that second button, “Previous Posts”? But I believe the previous logic was 1) an option to sort all posts that haven’t been read since previous visit and 2) an option to sort all posts that you have previously commented in.[/quote]

Here’s a direct link for you to use for now:

I thought I would mention a problem I have with the new version of the site. When I launch the Chat Popup it regularly logs me out with an Invalid IP Address error. If I am just on the site with the embedded SB it never does that. Annoying.

Oh, and post text can also slightly overlap the avatar pictures. We need a little margin there.