New Niner Gear

I wish they would have just used norm. Does anyone care about the stupid owl?

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You mean you are not one of those who know will know group? Oh the wonderful things you cannot yet know. If you ask an owl if he is one of those who know will know group, it will reply

WHO? Who who

They are already pay the licensing fee because they have permission to use all the marks.

In this case I think they have seen previous owl merch sold well and they want to do something different than anything other retailers or doing.

If i didn’t already have drawers full of 704 shop stuff I’d get it, it isn’t for everyone but that’s kinda their entire model.

I stopped by the kiosk at the field. Had two polos for sale. I think one was 120 and the other was 130 …before taxes. Ridiculous

Dicks and Academy in Concord both have some more reasonably priced Niner polo’s.


Has anyone ever bought anything from One Campus Co, I have been trying to place an order through their website and I am continuously receiving a message that their checkout is currently disabled

Just posting to say it was great to meet and talk to you at the tailgate!


We are working on fixing a couple of errors that were brought to out attention over the weekend, so it might be down for a bit longer this morning.

One of the errors we were made aware of is the site not recognizing shipping addresses. This seems to be a USPS issue when your address contains a drive, street, road, etc. if you use the abbreviations vs spelling the words out, it wont always recognize it. We’ve changed some settings on our end to try to help prevent this from popping up again.

You should be able to reach us through the website if you have any specific questions or I am always available here through DM.

We appreciate the support and Go Niners!

Anyone know where to get car flags? Think it’s time to retire my C-49ers ones but it’s been surprisingly difficult for me to track down online.

I got one at academy in Concord but it was the last one. I wanted two. Matthew’s did not have them. Might try Gastonia. Seems like our gear is flying off the shelves. Really happy that the jerseys for sale were the actual game jerseys this week. Really nice quality.

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Website issues should be resolved. If you’re still experiencing issues, try clearing your cookies. If that doesn’t work, give me a shout and we’ll get it figured out!

Thanks again

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Went to the book store tonight and either I am blind or it still sucks. No jerseys. The shirts anyone wants they only have small and med. wanted a shirt for white out. $25 for a champion shirt is crazy. I don’t mind paying $100+ for quality stuff but man it is bad. 0 “Biff” shirts. We also don’t capitalize on norm for kids and even us big kids……

Must be sold out of a lot. Had a ton of really good quality merch two weeks ago.

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Last day for Highsmith jersey orders is today! Please let me know if you have any questions.