New Niner Gear

Dad’s everywhere have a sudden urge to mow the grass…

I had a pair of high top Converse eeriely similar to those. Doesn’t make me want to mow grass, makes me wanna go hang 40 on somebody. Lol


Those clean white new balanances don’t have you dreaming of nice lines in the yard?

I do take great pride in my yard. Don’t really understand people that don’t but to each their own I suppose

clt says wear your old golf shoes to mow the yard.

Haven’t had a pair with real spikes in years. I actually used to do that. I wear steel toed shoes when I mow now

The only thing I hate more than Davidson, Judy Rose, Atlanta and Cold Weather is mowing the grass and yardwork. It’s my own personal hell.

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Anyone know of any new Niner gear?

Is that you, Dude Dad?

Could not agree more. After having 13 acres in a prior life to take care of, I will never own another mower let alone a tractor.

Growing up poor white trash makes me to never ever want to ride another lawn mower or see or hear another chainsaw to cut wood.

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I push….

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Me too. I guess that makes us poorer than white trash.

I push too haha.

I traded in my gas powered riding mower for a electric push. Its a PITA but my backyard is mostly wooded and the electric always starts in the spring. Still have to plan it all though I run through a battery weedeating, then 2 batteries mowing, then a battery blowing things off then the first battery is charged back up and I can mow the back.


704 knows how to edit photos. Someone needs to stop donating to football and get these hurdle logos changed.


Everyone needs to gift and receive one of these for the holidays. Get the wife one as well.