New Niner Nation Member

He will be an incoming freshman next year and will be graduating from my old high school (West Meck)…

That story can bring tears of joy to a person’s eyes. That story should be inspiration to us all.

Yeah I read that in this morning paper. I read the whole story through, and then realized he will be comming to Charlotte.

Welcome Patrick!!!

We are getting a classy kid with TONS of character. I’d take a hundred more just like him…only problem is…they don’t make many kids like this anymore. Glad he’s here!!!

thats awesome! he will have a spot next to gill and i on the first row of section 104. welcome patrick!

pcon, thanks for posting that story, I might have missed that.

Patrick, welcome to UNC Charlotte and NINER NATION!

great story. Wish him the best of luck.

Awesome story. Welcome home.

Patrick! You’ve come to a good place!!! Welcome!

Awesome story! Welcome to Niner Nation, bud!!