New Podcasts: "Hwy49" and "Inside the Mine"🎙️

While I don’t disagree we have been impacted by it, i just read it as him subtly making a “Ron’s a victim” argument.

I thought the NCAA changed policies in that they would now investigate based on a real suspicion of wrongdoing, even when the hard and conviction-worthy evidence was not yet established? Am I wrong?

Ron is a victim, but Charlotte basketball fans are the bigger victims…

College athletics is a dirty game. WHO FUCKING KNEW!?!?!?

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Took Molly about 30 seconds to shit all over the program and call this a completely unattractive job (MBB).

I realize they take these positions for radio, but the gusto was a bit much.

Isnt this supposed to be a niner podcast? They dont need to be overly objective. Yhey need to talk the program up

He’s talking about the radio interview

Yes, sorry for not being clear about that. My fault.

Either way. She shouldnt say that

clt asks who is holly?

Molly Cotton is one of the most petty fans you’ll find in media. The universe revolves around App State in her mind.

And then we pay her to call WBB games on ESPN+. It’s pathetic. She’s pathetic.


She really is AWFUL.

She’s just jealous. Take it with a grain of salt. She went to UNC Boone

I guess this podcast is the artistic endeavor for the hosts but I really just want to hear about Niner news inside a Niner themed podcast.