New Podcasts: "Hwy49" and "Inside the Mine"🎙️

Sounds like there is a chance Igor comes back. Not sure if it is wishful thinking or not.

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What did tgey say? Im at work and cant listen. Im impatient too.

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The 49er talk starts around 20:00 mark.

  • Dishon was the only player on our roster on NIL last season.
  • We do have funds to work with to retain players
  • Hunter says that someone told him that Igor leaving isn’t 100% certain.
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Thank you. Not getting my hopes up on igor but i guess thats something. Hope we have plenty of nil to spend on new guys.

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clt asks about NIL to keep Igor

With Dishon being the only one with NIL this year, it is amazing we finished 3rd in the conference. This is a testament to Fearne and the coaching staff.


This interview was one of the best I have heard on Highway 49. Worth the time to listen. Love Coach O.


Colin Weber during that interview:

“I came back because I wanted to win HERE.”

Originally a Healy recruit.

Sober, honest conversation with Coach Fearne. It’s tough to be a coach in the current college landscape. He rightly points out that even the money schools are having high turnover too. He thinks player contracts have to be the future.

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Coach goes into detail about the newcomers. The FAU transfer will start now that Dishon is gone.

For the younger guys who weren’t around in the good ole days, the new reality we are facing has robbed us of an opportunity to have a rotation for this upcoming season that might have looked a lot like this:

C Dishon
C Ali
F Igor
F/G Braswell
G/F Brice
G Threadgill
G Lu’Cye
G Graves

Coming back with that familiarity with each other and the system, I am convinced that is an NCAA team, and depending on who else is back in the AAC maybe a conference championship rotation.

Coach said that he doesn’t think you will see many new player banners in the rafters, anywhere for the next decade.

I think the best thing he can do to help us get over the defections (and it isn’t his fault, just his challenge), is to win early with this new group.

What I hear him saying is that we are going to have to win with effort and the depth of our bench. That sounds like a less talented team (no surprise) that are going to have to punch above their weight.


And thats doable. Others in the AAC lost a lot too. We seem to be deeper, and more athletic, and probably better from 3. While at the top we may be less talented, i think we will be much more talented as a whole

clt remembers that coach believed we were too tall last year

Gotta respect the honesty from Coach. That was a great episode


IMHO, listening to his voice and watching him on the youtube feed, I don’t know how he is not completely pissed off. He finally get’s a shot at being a head coach at the D1 level and the landscape goes completely to hell. I know he said, you have to adapt and everyone else is going thru this, but personally this sucks for him. How do you measure success of a program or a coach in this crap?


Was thinking the same thing. Gotta give it up to Coach, he doesn’t side step a question. Brutally honest when talking about NIL. He gave specific amounts of money being thrown around and said it would be very difficult to regulate via a cap. On a positive note, he really seems to like the makeup and work ethic of this year’s team.

When reflecting on the interview, it doesn’t seem that the coaches, administrations or fans like this “new era” of college basketball with all the roster turnover and money being thrown around. Other than the few players that get paid big money, who exactly is enjoying this?

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Being a college coach in this environment is basically mission impossible. Not much easier being a fan in this model. I see big time boosters eventually fatiguing of this model as their pockets are being drained.