New State Law For Out of State Student Athletes

It looks like all out of state student athletes will soon have to be treated like out of state student athletes.

Seems I read some time back that the current taxpayer subsidy for out-of-state athletes’ tuition was enacted due to pressure from a political action committee advocating for (you guessed it) unc chapel hill. Of course the same rules apply to the whole UNC system, but I always thought this to be a bogus use of tax money.

The problem is we aren’t likely to get a bunch of new donations from 49er Club members to make up for this so some student-athletes will probably lose their scholarship.

Out of state waiver program is dead, but our programs will be fine. Smart coaches have been working in state hard for years. They will adapt

Seeing as how NCU & State pushed this, & have had FB all along, those schools with out FB, like us, should get however many years it was in effect grandfathered in.