New Update today on Golfweek TV

Watch Lance Ringler’s updated video of the Matchplay tournament slated for Sunday thru maybe Tuesday. Both Lance and his guest pick the 9ers to once again bring the hardware home. Be aware that this is a 13:01 minute video, but is well worth the viewing. Best regards,


Way too many positive vibes…no jinx, no jinx…

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Everyone should email Lance and tell him how much they like the show. :biggrin:

Also, I am very excited about the Calloway Collegiate Match Play Championship. I think that we have a lineup built to just dominate. Corey Nagy and Jonas Enander-Hedin will come up big for us in this tournament.

Published list of college golf coach salaries:

11th lowest paid out of the 100 listed scholls. Now, some of them did not report.

someone needs to send them a charlotte pennant for the background of their set. if you notice they have several, but no charlotte 49ers. good show.