Next Head Coach (candidate discussion)


Pretty sure after tonight Brad doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in the Mohave of being retained. No way this team wins more than 2 more games, if even that.

Do we get a successful young coordinator from a mid level P5 or go with a proven veteran coach?


I think we much better than last year. You do realize App took the #10 team in the nation to OT last week. Still think we will win 5 games.


clt throws out Greg Schiano


Five wins won’t save Brad’s job. Not with Hill in charge.


And if he wins 5 games he still deserves to be fired and we still deserve a new coach. I personally don’t think we’ll make it to 5.


Pass that toke


Mike Houston has a $500,000 buyout. He just signed a 10 year deal. I would say there is about a 1% chance he comes here. More likely, Hill has several P5 assistants in mind. I trust the guy.


$500,000 is nothing. If you’re going to let that stop you from securing a coach who has won something like 40 games in the last few years, you should just drop the program down to DII. I am sick of people who think that way.


2500 extra tickets tonight from app fans @$30 a piece is already $75,000, and that’s a low-ball estimate. Houston will pay for that buyout and his salary several times over. Look at Kiffin @FAU. Dare to be great. Stop being such pussies.


27-11 at Kennesaw State currently making $241k per year.


clt says we have money, that is not the issue.


Mike Houston

College coaching record 72-22 (29-3 @ JMU)

1 NCAA Division I (2016)
3 South Atlantic (2011–2013)
1 SoCon (2015)
2 CAA (2016–2017)
SoCon Coach of the Year: 2015
SAC Coach of the Year: 2011, 2012, 2013
AFCA Region I Coach of the Year: 2015, 2016
AFCA National FCS Coach of the Year: 2016
CAA Coach of the Year: 2016
ECAC Bob Ford FCS Coach of the Year: 2016

$500,000 buyout for this guy is a bargain. We should be so lucky as to get him.


Fine…let’s go hire a coach. Both Houston and Bohannon are winners.


totally agree. well worth the money to land someone like that. i’m sure hill would shell that out in a heartbeat for a guy like houston. you have to think big and spend big if you want to be big.


Would love to have Houston and he is from North Carolina. Look at some of his pre game locker room talks, it will fire you up.


KSU runs triple option. I’m mixed on my feelings of that.


I dont want that GT option game here.


What are anyones thoughts on Fedora coming here? He’s gone from unc, they finished him off with all the suspensions this season. I think the fairy heels were ready to get rid of him after his concussion remarks.
My opinion, he can still coach and he knows NC and Charlotte area for recruiting


I would be cool with Fedora. Has good relationships with most of the coaches in the area, and would likely bring some kids with him from CH.


While no one here would support a UNC “castoff,” I think your statement is correct. The true powers that be in Chapel Hill do not want a successful, FBS program. And I’m not speaking of Bubba Cunningham, the Athletic Director, but rather, the ultra left-wing, FBS is bad academic types.

Fedora is handcuffed at least to some extent in Chapel Hill. Then two, maybe he is recruiting some real dummies who can’t seem to follow orders. Probably a mixture of both, along with his having a very mediocre staff right now which has been poached by other programs. I do think he’s a decent coach.


Fedora would make a great offensive coordinator but he’s not a great head coach. He was successful at UNC when Chizik was his defensive coordinator & they actually played defense. Before Chizik they tried to outscore other teams with his hurry up offense & now he doesn’t have a top notch QB to run that offense so they can’t even beat a bad ECU team. His teams have also been one of the most heavily penalized teams in the ACC since he has been there. Will support whoever we hire but would prefer it not be Fedora. If by some chance we can hire him as offensive coordinator under the new coach that would be great but if he goes that route he can probably get a job at a P5 school.